Off to Boston

Howdy folks.
I'll be off to Boston in a few weeks for a quick work trip. I have tickets for a Red Sox game. I'll be shooting to hit the Levenger store, but probably not until the last night.

Any locals have other things to hit? Good places for interesting souvenirs for the kids and wife back home? Short time, so I'm trying to maximize it. And will probably nab a Boston City-Skine before going.


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Not a local

..but I highly recommend Legal Sea Foods. It's a chain that seems to be regional up there with inroads in Florida too. Anyway, the Key Lime Pie is awesome and so is all the seafood. Very much worth blowing the day's per diem there. :)


It's a shame...

...your family can't go. The aquarium there is fantastic! Even my (then) baby enjoyed herself immensely (so much so that she crashed early!). All our children loved it. There is a nifty shop there, of course, where you can buy really nifty "stuff" for the kids, though.

Unfortunately, I think the real "souvenirs" from Boston or those things you see, mostly from US history--the Constitution, Paul Revere's house, the old South Church--the entire trail, actually.

However, there are things everywhere. I'm sure you will find something...
(You may consider pressed pennies, but that's more fun for the kids to do themselves)


Sure, pressed

pennies are fun for kids but they're also a great inexpensive and small to store collectible for adults. There is a squished penny museum in D.C. and a newsletter which includes useful info on squished penny machines being decommissioned, trading ops, stories of old machine finds, etc. The same couple who has the squished penny museum also have an extensive floaty pen collection.

fanueil hall

Even though I'm only 45 minutes away from Boston, I really dislike driving there. The construction is insane! BUT I would recommend going to fanueil hall for souvenirs. It might be more expensive but it has great history. And if your fam goes with you next time, def try The Children's Museum. It was so much fun and cheaper than other places in the area.

Bob Slate

Try not to miss Bob Slate, Stationer (, which is brimming with lovely notebooks (Moleskine, Rhodia, oh bliss) planners, pens and pencils, desk tchotchkes, everything to warm the DIY Planner's heart - and lots of adorable and unusual magnets and stickers for your children, too. Of the three branches, the largest and easiest to find is on Mass Ave., across from Harvard Yard (Red Line to Harvard Square) - and it's only steps away from Bartley's Burger Cottage (

And I concur with Shris about Legal Seafoods - can't vouch for the Key Lime pie, but the lobster roll is unbeatable. Best of all, there's one in the Prudential Center, site of the Levenger store.

Have a great trip!

For the Goyim (^_^)

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Found in translation

Ygor, I'm kvelling at your helpfulness!


Thanks all. I picked up a Moleskine City -- Boston to take along. I plan on hitting Fanueil Hall for all the goodies you mentioned. And definitely to Levenger's shop. Can't turn down a free sample! But alas, I won't be able to make it to Bob Slate's. I'm in class until 5 in Newton, they close at 6 in Cambridge. So, it'll have to suffice with the other places.

And if I can, I'm going to hit Local Seafood.

Thanks all,

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