Where to buy Atoma notebooks in Europe?

Does anyone know where to buy the Atoma notebooks online in Europe?

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Yes, try www.schleiper.com. I don't know if this website is available in any other languages though. But it is worth a look.

Only refills?

Thanks, but I went to their site and I only found refills...no actual notebooks.

they do have the books

I am trying to make a direct link to the items:
Don't know if it works. One remark: the site I am seeing is in Duch, don't know if that makes a difference. Can you read that?

Atoma in UK


here's a stie in the United Kingdom (apologies for the length of the link)

also, the catalogue for Atoma http://www.atoma.be/catalogus.pdf

and, in case anyone from Australia is interested, an Australian online Atoma company

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Yes, but everytime I try to post it it gets munched by the s**p**a**m stopper.

It's on manufactum.co.uk

Let's try a more specific URL

Direct Link

That seems to work :)
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Atoma available in UK

Yes, you can get them online. Unfortunately, each time I try to post the address the post gets blocked

You can find them at manufactum dot co dot uk

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purchasing in Europe

Yes you can buy on line www.nemeta.co.uk and very shortly in Germany. Watch the website www.atoma.be