Spreadsheet to Google Calendar -- help please?

I'm trying to automate some of the details of our life and homeschooling so we can concentrate on putting the most important stuff on paper. To this end, I've created a spreadsheet with dates and corresponding books to read and activities to do. What I would like now is to import the data into Google calendar. I've tried several things (saving/exporting to csv, xml, etc.) but nothing has worked so far.

Would appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you.

ETA: I'm new here, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum (I thought this was most appropriate since "going analog" is our goal, just not there yet).

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According to Google

On their help page, they say the CSV file format should work. What specifically happens when you try importing the calendar into Gcal? Errors? messed up calendar? It may be that the fields are in the wrong order? or does Gcal offer help you set that up?


What column titles do you have?

I don't use Google Calendar any more. Encountered a problem with the first version that prevented my importing CSV files into the calendar. When I finally suceeded the problem seemed to be in the column labels I had included in the first row of my spreadsheet. What worked was the following:

Subject,Start Date,All day event,Description,Location,Show time as

All my events were "all day" so I can't give an example of how to set up a timed event. You might have more milage if you use the same column titles for your spreadsheet.

iCal entries seemed to be easier to import. There is an Internet RFC defining the precise format of those types of files; but creating them from a spreadsheet might not be trivial.

Thanks -- will try that

My column titles have to be changed. I'll try and report back. Thank you!