where do you guys get your gear?


i was just wondering where everyone gets their notebooks and all their other analog stuff because I would like to buy it as opposed to making it myself because my printer is absolute crap and I can't find any of the brands at my local wal mart or staples...

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Online sources for a few things

Notebooks? I'm currently using Levenger's Circa products for most of my planner stuff.

I also recently bought Clairefontaine and Rhodia spiral notebooks from PencilThings.com. I am considering moving my capture/collection functions to spiral notebooks instead of using Circa or a 3-ring binder... and I chose Clairefontaine and Rhodia products because they are well-regarded among fountain pen users like myself.

Before all that, I used a three-ring binder that I bought at my local Office Depot. All of these things are approximately "classic" sized, 5.5 x 8.5 inches or A5. I found the 3x5-sized pocket Moleskine too small for lots of writing, and I don't want to carry anything too large or heavy.

What other kinds of gear are you looking for?

Do you procrastinate?


Truth be told I get all my things from Levenger. its very price. but i think by and large it is worth it and there has only been one product i bought from them that i found to be utterly useless. everythingelse is both useful and gets lots of use.

I get my pens from Crane's and Kate's Paperie. I use the Retro 1951 pen brand as I think they are a great value and VERY high quality. I also use their pencils mostly for sudoku.

Levenger useless?

Jigglypuff, I'm curious. What did you get from Levenger that turned out to be useless?

Circa PDA Notebook Project Planner Cards, 50

the Circa PDA Notebook Project Planner Cards, 50

ok, so we all need project planner cards, and when i saw the picture i just assumed that the other side would be blank because, otherwise there is just not enough room to write anything.

and well, it turns out the other side is NOT blank so there is just not enough room to write anything and thus they are useless, but they are only $8 so i didnt return them and its not the end of the world.

clearance aisles :)

I love finding treasures in clearance aisles, resale shops and discount stores...

Big Lots has a great selection of planners for 10 usd and under... and today I even picked up a set of 3x5 index dividers for just a dollar. Clearance at any office supply store can include name brands and great stuff that might be scuffed or scratched. Levenger even has an Ebay shop that has discounted goods that are 'imperfect'.

I do DIY on a budget... it is possible :)

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