Printable region for HP DJ9300 on OS X

Anyone know how to alter the printable region for a printer under Mac OS X? I'm using an HP DJ 9300 printer and under OS X it refuses to print anything on the final 1cm of the paper. When I connect the same printer to my Linux machines it's only the final 1mm/2mms that can't be printed on, which is the real printable region limit for this printer. Seems as if something is truncating the page size.

When I was printing ad hoc documents this 1cm stripe was inconsequential. Now I'm working on some templates and the proofs are being spolit.

Pointers as to where this bogus definition is stored would be gratefully received.

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Should add ...

I ought to mention that, of course, I'm printing onto A4-sized paper (sometimes A3) when this 1cm stripe appears. Looks suspiciously as if US Letter is being forced as the paper size despite all the documents being created as ISO sizes.

try the CUPS?

Some printers in X allow you to choose the CUPS printer definition. Can you try selecting that and see what happens?

Otherwise, I suspect that the problem is the HP driver, not an OS X issue...


Looked reasonable

I looked at the CUPS PPD for the 9300. All the values seemed reasonable. The only "oddity" being that the default paper size is specified US Letter rather than A4.

Not completely sure how I select that CUPS definition though. All the printer dialogs only show a DJ9300. Did I miss something? A quick look at the System Preferences suggests that the CUPS PPD is being used.

It's been a while...

since I did this myself (I had an Epson that worked better with CUPS than with the cruddy Epson-provided driver), but I believe when I set up a new printer, CUPS was one of the choices. I suppose it's possible that CUPS is now the default--especially now that it seems Apple has actually _bought_ CUPS! If so, maybe you can choose an HP driver when creating a new printer file? That's where you (used to) do it, when yo create a new printer.