get me moving...

are there any hacks or issues that you seem to be stumped with?

i'm trying to keep my creativity flowing... i helped a friend create a menu for his mother's employer and now i'm looking for more.

i have a potential hack idea...

top bound notebook that can insert into a side bound folio holder.

but anything else that i can keep my brain busy with would be much appreciated :)

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Off the fridge hack request

A price book.
I've tried a dozen ways to develop one; but I keep coming up short. I think it's the size of the thing that's got me stumped; that and the idea of all the journaling this would require.

See I said a spreadsheet would work

The link you've provided Rebecca is so much better than that spammed/UCEd shoppingmate thing being touted yesterday. Nothing complicated about this one; very straightforward, amenable to change, runs on pretty much any platform that has a spreadsheet. (Indeed I imported into Google Docs spreadsheet application without any problem.) Also has the beginnings of a transaction history. The hard part is keeping the prices updated but with a little bit of hacking that could be accessed from the supermarkets' websites.

I would modify the columns to include not only the name of the supermarkets but also the aisle numbers; then I could print off a tailored shopping list. Looks as if someone sorted the rows and forgot to make (the original) row number 1 the titles row.

Employment hunting follow-up listings

It would seem, in light of your recent position loss, that an ideal template situation exists for you to develop a form/series of connected forms for tracking job leads -- both networking contacts and leads provided, maybe one for contacts with potential employers, perhaps a worksheet of past accomplishments so each position response can be individualized.... maybe an interview guide (potential questions and well-thought-out answers).... other ideas????

My son is in process of changing employment. I think forms like the above could help him in his process. AND, you have the advantage of actually needing them and using/revising them as you seek that perfect next job?

Best wishes on your job hunt. Hope you found a good free pdf generator.

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