I want pages 1/4 of a A4 page - help?

I love the idea of a planner I've printed myself. But now I've spent the entire evening downloading pages and trying to print them. I want the hipster PDA size printed on A4 pages (I'm in Sweden) but when I print the 4up page they come out SO TINY = 2,8 x 4,6 inches! The margins are to large and I'd have to cut away A LOT of paper on each page to use them. I don't know what to do? I want to cut the A4 in 4 pieces without having to cut away margins on all foru sides!?

If this is not possible I guess I have to go with the 1/2 A4-pages and cut them in 2, but they are really a bit to big for my liking.

I hope somebody can help me to know if my wishes is possible and how to do it? I can't find a way to enlarge the print, like 140% would be good? I think

THANK YOU in advance!

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Did you try the A5 templates ?

1/4 of an A4 is 1/2 of an A5, yes ?
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thanks man

Yes, I agree with you. But I still think the size is tiny and not covering a whole 1/4 of the A4 page, if you know what I mean? Bt now I did try printing the classic 2up and I like this size! Yes! Any suggestions how to print 4 pages to each A4 then? THAT would be perfect and no waist of paper! :-)



What kind of computer are you using ?

Operating system and version, please. More specific suggestions require that we know what you are working with. Also, how techno-geeky are you ? If I describe stuff that requires command line tinkering, are you up to it ? If none of that works, I could try generating some 4-up pages for you.

If anyone else wants to jump in, I plan to try some custom pages using MultiValent. That should work.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I'M on

Windows XP and have a HP printer. I've worked as a webdesigner and I have a blog, but with these pages and the openOffice I feel very non-geeky...

thank you!

Quarter Letter


I posted some templates in 'quarter letter' size, these would be very close to what you need. I posted PDF and OpenOffice versions, so you would be able to edit the originals if you want.

Most of my quarter-letter templates are one-up, but you can open them up, change the paper size, and copy them to make your own 4-ups.

I love quarter-letter size. :) Fits good in a purse. :)


Link to the templates

Here you go:

Linkety Link


4 pages

hi shris!
thanks for posting this answer and the link. I still can't figure out how to get 4 pages on one A4, but I'm really tired right now. maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

thanks again!


The hard way

Hi /Hanna.

Here's what you do, step by step.

1. Make sure you have OpenOffice.org installed.
2. Download the .ODG file above.
3. Open the .ODG with OpenOffice.org Draw.
4. Navigate to the page you like.
5. Change the page setup (Format menu, then the Page option) to A4.
6. Highlight all the stuff on that page (ctrl-a does it for me, or you can draw a box around it all).
7. Drag that stuff to the location you want on the page. Also copy it before you do anything else.
8. Paste, then drag the bundle of stuff to another spot on the page.
9. Do 7 and 8 twice more so you have four repetitions of the same thing on your A4 page.
10. Print.
11. Test cut.
12. Tweak, then Repeat 10 and 11 a few times until you have the margins you want and your cuts work the way you want them.
13. Save your work so you can reprint later.

You might want to do 6-13 again for other pages you like.


Don't know about Windows...

...but on my Mac, in the Print dialog, you choose "Layout" and then choose to print 1-up, 2-up, 4-up or otherwise. You get slightly larger margins this way, but if you are punching, this isn't a bad thing. It's a good 'quickie' way to get the 4-up you need. I can't imagine that Windows doesn't have this functionality, too. (they've copied everything else!) ;-D

Oh, one other thing, you might need to muck with the paper size at printing. Again, on the Mac, it's easy, in the "Paper handling" section...


This works for me

But it's a lot of work because the text "jumps around", but I could do it to each page and also customize it by translating it to my langugage (swedish) and doing some colour and font alterations at the same time. I just feel it is a lot for work right now, and I won't get the calendar with dates that I was imagening.

There is also a problem wiht aligning these four prints on one page - margins and such. I dunno how to make it correct/workable.

I'll see what I can do right now.

Thanks anyway, great step-by-step-tut from you shris!


Another way


Here's another way to get 4-ups.

1. Make sure you have OpenOffice.org installed. (It's free)
2. Download the .ODG file above.
3. Open the .ODG file with OpenOffice.org Draw.
4. Navigate to the page you like.
5. Choose the Export option from the File menu.
6. Export the page as an image, perhaps a TIF file or PNG or some other loss-less format (I use WMF, but any one will do).
7. Use your favorite image-editing program to paste that image on your A4 page four times and print. You can also use Windows XP's "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" program to print 4-ups of any image pretty easily. Not sure if the Mac or linux OS has an equivalent program.