Rolla-style notebook sighting at a Dollar Store in Nanaimo, BC (Canada)

I love the stationery section of dollar stores, where I often find interesting stuff. (And I'm picky with paper.)

At a dollar store in a mall in Nanaimo, BC, I have found three rolla-style notebooks, about quarter-page size. Overall it was not very nicely finished, but nonetheless decent.

So keep your eyes open folks!

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Which kind...

Of dollar store? So many, but curious which chain. Maybe they're down here in the lower 48?

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Nanaimo dollar store

I'm afraid it was a local thing, not a chain. It was called "The Dollar Store and More" or something like that.

They had nice Japanese stationery too, lots of interesting little notebooks. Very impressed!

I wonder...

...if these were Office Depot sell-offs... Did OD sell in this size? What were the covers like?


Humm, haven't been to Office

Humm, haven't been to Office Depot or seen what the rolla-style stuff is like there.

The covers were colored plastic (blue or green) with assorted rings (green or blue). The size was about 5X5 inches. They had no logo or way to identify the maker on them. But the paper was the same as the Japanese items they had (really cute notebooks, pens, card holders of all styles). Quite a discovery! Never seen anything like that in Vancouver dollar stores...