Just acquired Myndology at the UBC Bookstore!

I just got two very small myndology notebooks and a 3X5 book at my university's bookstore (UBC, Vancouver). I have everything I need in my office to do them myself, but I found the covers really pretty, and I wanted to encourage the bookstore to order more! :) They didn't have the bigger notebooks though...

So Vancouverites be aware that Myndology is in town!

I'm a little disappointed with the 3X5 though. It's SO packed with cards that about a third of them have bent "wings". I like that the cards are ruled on both sides though. We'll see how they work on a daily basis...

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I guess I'm lucky...

My university bookstore (UofC, Calgary) is not carrying that yet. I guess that is good news, otherwise I would go broke in a couple of weeks. ;)

Not a problem! The

Not a problem! The disc-bound Myndology stuff at UBC has sold out within days. I had the time to buy only three notebooks. :)


That is fairly quick! Of course, just looking at them at the website I fell in love. My pocket would be safe then, if UofC decides to stock on them. :)