Book Bumper? (Levenger question)

Okay, this seems like a perfect gift for my book loving mom:

Bloomsbury Bookbag Tote (stocked) Price: $58 Item:AM1495 This canvas tote bag comes stocked with reading tools
This attractive canvas tote has a generous capacity for holding books or other hefty loads. The tote bag comes stocked with useful tools for reading and note-taking: a Levenger note pad, our Book Bungee bookmark, 75 3 x 5 cards, two sets of our Book Bumpers, our Aero Clips, marking flags, and a pencil.

But what the 'eck are "book bumpers"? I searched on the Levenger web site, and there are only two hits for book bumpers -- the above bookbag listing and one for a four pack of Bungee bookmarks, which doesn't mention 'bumpers' at all so far as I could see.

So...anyone know?

Not that it really matters, the rest of it is appealing, but I am curious.

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I was really curious so i

I was really curious so i called Levenger. Apparently I was not speaking with customer service but whoever I was speaking with tried to find out and thinks its something to protect the book from whatever surface you may have it on. This would definitely be a question for Captain Levenger.

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Road?? There is a road?

If I'm not mistaken, a book

If I'm not mistaken, a book bumper is the same as a bookstop, which has its own page on Levenger:

Unless a book bumper is a book bungee with the magnifier on top, which you can see in this picture of the Bloomsbury tote:
Close-up of Bloomsbury tote

Mystery solved here. Thanks,

Mystery solved here.

Thanks, Ryan.

Book Bumpers


The book bumpers are stretchable book jackets. I had yet to actually try them, so I put together a few photographs illustrating their intended use.

Bloomsbury contents
Book bumper detail #1
Book bumper detail #2

Thank you,

No, thank *you*

For going above and beyond yet again. :)

But I gotta say, 'book bumper' is a really strange name. You might want to add the explanation to the official webpage, because I'm sure other people are going to read that tote's description and wonder.

Now...can I order the tote right away, or should I wait til next pay day? Hmmmm.


When I bought a pack of three of these at Levenger last April, they were called "book suits".

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correction: Book suits not Book bumpers


... [you're on to something] ...

We've correctly identified the purpose of the two items.

However, I think we've also discovered an error in the description. This morning, I was informed that "book bumpers" are vinyl stick-on corners for books. You've correctly identified the true contents as Book Suits. ;)

.. now to correct the error ..

Thank you,

Book Sox

As a previous high school student, I believe the most common (and cheapest) form of these so-called Book Bumpers are more often found as "Book Sox" or "Book Socks." This is the leading manufacturer of this type of stretchy book cover.

Book Bumpers - Levenger

Ages ago, Book Bumpers were corner protectors you could slip over a paperback cover to prevent that dog-earred, ratty-tatty look. Don't know if they still are, although they appear so on the back cover of the most recent Levenger catalog, where the Bloomsbury Grand Tote is listed... So as far as comments about Book Suits and such, I can't say -- but that doesn't seem quite right somehow!

Those are the ones I have...

The corner protectors are the ones I got in my book bag. I can post a pic if you'd like to see them.

Grand Tote - Book Bumpers

So as far as comments about Book Suits and such, I can't say -- but that doesn't seem quite right somehow!

You are completely correct. It appears that a few of the smaller bookbags were stocked with booksuits as a substitution for the book bumpers.

The Grand Tote that appears in the new catalog contains the bumpers. However, if someone spots a booksuit within, please let me know. ;)


Caution - IMHO, the handles are too short for a bag that big

I got a similar Levenger bag online but I didn't realize how short the handles were until I got it. The one you are looking at also seems to be a large heavy duty bag that can take a lot of weight and yet the handles are not big enough to pull up onto the shoulder, at least not comfortably. So the one I got was a real disappointment; any use is an underutilization since you can only put enough in it that you can easily carry it with your hand and still juggle it with whatever else you are carrying.

Thanks for tell me your experience!

Hmmm. Handles are always a compromise -- if you make them long enough for shoulders, they tend to get floppy and end up tangled on the floor or blocking access to the interior -- and I really hate *that*.

I think the shorter handles will be okay in this case. My mom is retired and mostly stays around home these days. What I picture is her loading up the tote with just her current book, plus her current knitting project, maybe the daily paper, her reading glasses, her pill box, a bottle of water, an orange or some fig newtons, a kleenix packet...basically the mixture of stuff she needs so she can sit out in the yard for a couple hours without having to run (hah, unfortunately) back inside.

Lots of things, in other words, but not the kind of weight you'd get if you just filled it with books.

Hopefully it will work well for her.

Levenger on Ebay

It's nice to know that there may actually be a good reason for the short handles. I visited their store sometime after buying the bag online and the salesperson said it wasn't the first time she'd heard the comment and she didn't offer an explanation for the design.

That might also explain the substantial material compared to the seemingly inadequate handle. I can see where it would maintain its shape and you put things in it more easily.

Occasionally the Levenger on Ebay will have this item. You may be able to pick it up much cheaper there.

book bumpers

I have long been a fan of Levenger's book bumpers, so I can solve the puzzle for you. No, they are NOT stretchy book covers, but they ARE self-adhesive protectors for the corners of paperback covers. Whoever thought these things up is a genious--finally, no more tattered covers on my paperbacks!! Now, if Levenger would only sell them separately like they used to, instead of in their newer book tote, I'd be a happy camper.

Book bumpers are little

Book bumpers are little plastic 'corners' to stick on a book cover to keep the corners from dogearing from use. (not that useful a thing, in my opinion.) I just bought the Bloomsbury and it's really well made, the lining is sturdy and the handles are double stitched and riveted with four rivets. The pockets are big and have deep bellows. All in all, it's well worth the money. (If you want my advice, go to Wal-Mart and get a couple of the dollar stretchy cloth book covers. They come in all sorts of colors and Black and grey.)

"book bumpers"

I used to purchase "BookBumpers" regularly at a local library supply store. When it stopped carrying them, I searched online and found them at Levenger's. However, now that I am ready to "place an order," all that comes up under Levenger's are the bungee bookmarks and bookbags. What happened to the real "BookBumpers?"

They are wonderful for protecting the corners of paperbacks, sheet music and magazines.

Their "disappearance" is very disappointing!

The return of book bumpers


Their reappearance is imminent. (I will announce the return within the next two weeks.) ;)


link to detail of Book Bumpers @ Flickr

BookBumpers (Set of 4)

Now that I'm using mine, I thought I'd order more. Silly me: all good ideas get deleted when I want them.

I haven't used them all so I can tell you they are manufactured by Sales Ahead (949) 733-8788. I don't know (yet) if they are in business still or sell retail.

Levenger will probably have them back before I get it figured out. Not that Levenger is 'fast' but I can assure you I am very, very slow.