Moleskine + Circa in a binder?

Lately I've noticed there's a few people that feel that using a Circa-based system causes a temptation to mess with your planning system more than actually using it. While I do my share of messing around with it, I feel that it works great for me. I can put a diary entry in my planner and when I get home I just move the page from my planner to my journal notebook.

There is one exception to this: the calendar pages. I tried Levenger's Agenda and its really nice, just not what I want. I like having room for my notes. The perfect layout for my calendar is the Moleskine weekly + notes, which this template does a wonderful job of duplicating.

But I still have some issues with it. At the end of the month, I want to take my pages out, but you have September 1 and 2 on the same page as the last week of August. And then September 3 - 9 are on the back page of notes page for the last week of August. I was trying to figure out how to make this work (besides leaving out the monthly tabs) when an idea hit me: if I like the Moleskine weekly + notes layout so much, why not use the real thing?

My idea: get the "Large" Moleskine weekly + notes which is slightly smaller than the Junior size Circa and put it in the same binder as my Circa planner. The only thing I haven't really figured out is how to do something like this. I like having a way to stick notes about stuff I have to get done in the middle of my calendar. Postit notes? Put stuff that isn't date sensitive in a special "actions" section of my planner? Or maybe I should just go back to the idea of putting the month tabs right on the weekly planner pages?


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Use Super-Sticky Post-its!

My schedule isn't "appointment-driven" and most items on my to do list don't have to be done any particular day, nor are they items I care to preserve a record of for posterity. I use a thin, bound monthly/weekly calendar. I write my appointments and other date-specific items directly on the pages. A post-it flag marks the current month, and the page corners tear off each week to mark the current week. I stick a large post-it note over the right-hand notes page of the current week and list all the non-date-specific to-dos in pencil. I scratch out and erase on this post-it note till I wear it out. I've sometimes managed to use the same post-it note for 2-3 weeks -- just re-stick it on the new week. I use the Super Sticky Post-it Notes, which are a little more substantial. When one is worn out, I toss it and start a new one. Since nothing on it is something that needed to be part of the permanent record, I don't worry about tossing it. If it was for the permanent record, it would have ended up on the notes page next to that week and been referenced in my index.

The rest of my planner combo consists of a top-bound circa notebook containing my address book, birthdays/anniversaries list, notes, work passwords and procedures, monthly budget and check register, etc., etc. This stuff changes all the time and the circa is perfect for the frequently changed items.

All this is docked in a Franklin Covey wire-bound planning system binder. The bound calendar's cover slides in one slot on the left side, and the circa notebook fits in the horizontal slot on the top right where a tablet is supposed to go. Your circa binder ought to work great, as well.

Mary Ann


Would you mind posting a couple pictures of your setup? It sounds great but it's really too soon in the year for me to really use a 2008 calendar and I fear too late to get a 2007. I could probably get a Moleskine Cahier notebook (if anyone sells these one at a time) or a similarly sized notebook and just write the date on it. That seems like a good way to prototype this idea.


Wish I could...

Sorry, Kenny. I don't have a digital camera and cell phone doesn't interface with old computer. If there's any other questions I can answer, I'd be happy to.

Mary Ann

back to postit tabs on the first day of the month

I've went back to just sticking postit tabs on the first day of the month like this. I've got weekly pages in my planner from now until the end of December and then there's one page per month for Jan - August 2008, followed by another blank page in the unlikely event I have anything after that to schedule.

I may still end up trying to Moleskine route, but I think I'll wait until November or December to buy that. I'd still like to see what this system you're talking about ends up looking like.