Inverted Index "tabs"


You can use anything really... a hole punch, a decorative scrapbook punch, cut it with a knife like in the blog ...

I like this idea... so I thought I would share.

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DIY forms


I do something like this on my daily pages--the ones I print myself from the template posted here: Quarter Letter Templates

I print out the guidelines and use an x-acto and ruler to cut them. These days I sort all the same day-of-week pages together so I can cut them all at once, then resort them in numeric order to punch and insert. It only takes a few minutes to do a month's worth of pages.

Being able to do the same thing in a bound book is a good idea--dictionary-like, actually. :)



I use some of your templates... unfortunately I never found a need for the daily pages but I loved your layout! very clever and useful.

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