What is your favourite fountain pen ink?

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I think J. Herbin ink is one of the best out there. The colors are amazing and I've got one vintage pen that just won't work with anything else.

Second J. Herbin

My favourite colours are Lie de Thé (black tea) and Poussière de Lune (burgundy) - not too bright, not too dull, nor too light when using a fine nib.


For black and blue, I prefer Aurora ink. Chuck Swisher turned me on to it and I haven't found a pen that doesn't like it's smooth flow and deep, true color.


I like two more than the others I've tried: Noodler's Luxury Blue, since it behaves so well in every pen I've tried; and Swishmix Cocoa, which is a specially-formulated Noodler's ink made for Swisher Pens.

Great Economical, Good Looking, Strong Business Pen +

+ a Hybrid Hipster PDA / Day-Timer / Desk Planner

My Parker Jotter stainless steel clip pen has been my companion for 15-years.

Good enough looking for sales or business, it is sturdy and the perfect size for my GTD planner and desktop docking station.

Gotta be Cross

..it's beyond black a la Spinal Tap. Looks great on paper, not so great on my hands after filling :-(

Love Noodlers, have a ton

Love Noodlers, have a ton mostly BulletProof or Near BP. For mixing colors and for use in vintage pens, including to help clean out old ink I use Waterman and Sheaffer. If you mix colors do pick up a bottle of Noodlers Yellow.

Man, that's not fair. I have

Man, that's not fair.

I have inks that I love from PR, WMan, Diamine, Visconti, Herbin... No one maker takes the prize for me.

But I picked PR because the three I'm carrying at the mo' all have PR in them (Black Magic Blue, Sonic Blue, DC SS Blue).
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this thread should be renamed "temptation for all those who have resisted FPs thus far in life" ... I am more than jealous at the moment :)

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i think...

my first gift for finding a new job will be to order a new fountain pen. yall restarted that itch... my pilot varsity pens are afraid! :D

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Waterman's so far

I've only tried a couple so far: Waterman's, Swisher, and the ink that comes with the Pilot Varsity pens. So far Waterman's is the best of the three.


Silly, but...

I actually really like Pilot's blue cartridges. Also Lamy's purple ones. My Private Reserve ink is okay, and while the color of Noodler's Legal Lapis is nice it's a bit dry in my Pilot Vanishing Point. So I've switched back to Pilot's own ink for now...

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I find that Noodler's Swishmix (Glacier or Tahitian Pearl) is pretty wet in my F or M-nibbed Vanishing Points. The Glacier is my favourite ink, best combination of form (great, true blue) and function (pretty much waterproof, good flow...) for me.

YMMV, of course...


I may have to try the Glacier. I love a good blue...

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Giving in to temptation

Ordered a bottle of Glacier Blue tonight. I'll let you know how I like it.

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The Glacier Blue, ordered Friday, showed up today. It's reversing my opinion of Noodler's. My VP hated the Legal Lapis -- too dry -- but seems to love the new stuff. I've been happily scribbling since this afternoon and I'm quite pleased.

The Legal Lapis has gone into my Lamy Studio. Maybe it'll do better there, as the Studio isn't as dry a writer as the VP.

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Glad you like it! It's the

Glad you like it! It's the closest thing I've found to the long gone Sapphire Blue (Parker Penman) - without the clogging.


Me too

I really wish Pilot bottled their cartridge ink. Perchance to dream.

Pilot bottled ink

They do: On eBay

I have yet to buy from ujuku, but as a seller they have a very good rep on FPN...
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I have a blog.
And various lots of photos.

"Please select a coler of liking" ?

Don't you love it ?


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Other than ebay

Is there another store than ebay that sells this ink?

Hmm. Maybe.

The difficulty is thqt Pilot don't make much of their catalogue available outside Japan.

The only one that comes immediately to mind is cultpens.com - but thry're in the UK if that's a problem for you.
Mark Goody

I have a blog.
And various lots of photos.

I'll ask around the pen

I'll ask around the pen shops I know.

Swisher Pens

SwisherPens.com in the US carries Pilot ink. I'd link directly to the page for you, but the site has weird frames. If you go to the site, click "Shop Online". Then go to Accessories, then Bottled Fountain Pen Ink. Scroll down to Namiki bottled ink. (Pilot and Namiki are the same company.)

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Thank you!

Thanks for the link, but my hope is not to order from the US if I can.

They do.

They do. And the bottles are really practical.

Resistance is futile

I resisted FPs for a long time, but finally drank the Kool-Aid. I bought a Lamy Safari (blue pen, blue Lamy ink in cartridges, F nib) and told myself, "This is it. I'm not going to spend a lot on a pen that I'll lose anyway..."

Last week I took delivery of my Lamy Studio in black. I ordered a bunch of black Lamy cartridges, but this pen came with a converter which now has me interested in bottled ink so this thread was very timely...

A couple questions - do you FP addicts keep a different pen for each color, or do you change out colors when the pen runs dry? Is changing colors in a pen OK? I would imagine there would be a time period when some of the old color was still in the pen and would need to be flushed out before you could flow with purely the new color...

I should just buy a few more Safari pens to try out all these colors...

My preference

I like one pen per color. If I want to switch, I flush the pen with warm water and a touch of dish soap. I rinse it, let it dry, and then fill with the new color.

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I pretty much stick to one color...

I pretty much stick to one color per pen, just because I don't like having to clean the pens thoroughly too often. I just write in blue anyway...

Conway Stewart!

When Parker discontinued its line of fountain pen inks a few years ago, I hunted for a suitable replacement for their luscious Mocha. CS's Brown is a worthy heir. It doesn't bleed on cheap or thin paper, either -- and I use a lot of both! :-D

I'm also a fan of Noodler's. Levenger's bottled inks seem to be nice for the price too.

Omas for brown

Check out Omas' brown (can't remember the exact name). Luscious comes to mind to describe it, indeed.


I agree - it's a beautiful color.

Omas Brown

Thanks, grog -- I'll definitely check it out.

I love brown because it reminds me of the ink on old manuscripts! :-D


Parker still produce their

Parker still produce their inks...

Parker Penman Ink

It's the Penman line of inks that Parker discontinued and that I miss so much. Doesn't look like the Quink line includes brown in the bottle (hard to tell, though, because all the Flash-arrhea on Parker's site kept crashing my browser).


I might still have leftover

I might still have leftover Penman Mocha (brown). Certainly won't use it (ever). Dunno what state it's in, but I'll see in a couple of weeks when I visit my parents. Interested? I could try to ship it to you.

Noodler's... and all the others :D

I'm more a color than brand ink junkie, though I have a preponderance of Noodler's and love the deep rich colors. PR is right up there, though, and I agree that J Herbin has some lovely colors (they're coming out with a Cassis that I have to have), but it's the scented J Herbin's that I love the most.

As to pens... I keep the same ink in some of them - a nice wet medium Parker "51" always has Noodler's Black in it, for instance - while others I change out according to my mood when the ink runs out. My gorgeous Bexley blue Sheherazade sometimes has Noodler's Blue-Black in it, at others times it will have PR's Midnight Blues or Diamine's Prussian Blue.

Between the smooth writing of fountain pens and the glorious colors of inks, I'm a fan for life.

(I even have some roller ball pens that have been adapted to use fountain pen inks. Love those, too.)

Adapting rollerballs for FP ink

(I even have some roller ball pens that have been adapted to use fountain pen inks. Love those, too.)

Ooh! Ooh! Can you share how you do that? Anything to help me avoid shelling out $200 for a Monteverde Mega Ink Ball...


Others did the adapting... not me


Didn't mean to be misleading - I've purchased pens that others have adapted. Swisherpens is one current source. I tried to get a direct link, but couldn't get it to work. If you click below, you'll go to the main store screen. From there, scroll down to the Kaweco logo (it's on the left of the screen), click on that, then click on "Kaweco eyedropper pens." The 'eyedropper' part refers to using an eyedropper to fill the barrel with ink. It uses no cartridges or converters. (I particularly like them because they hold a LOT of ink.)

Here's a link to Swisherpens:


I also have one that Levenger's used to sell quite a while back, and one from Richard Binder, also from quite a while back. Sorry, but I don't think those particular pens are still available new. (Note that both of those pens use fountain pen ink cartridges, which I fill with a syringe from bottled ink.)

The Mega is an ok pen - I have the burgundy one - but, frankly, it only writes flawlessly for me in my Moleskine. I have no idea why that would be, but there it is.

Editing to add: There's also a roller ball made by Pelikan that takes its own ink cartridges. There's no other name on it and I can't remember what it was called. Sorry. They came in bright colors; mine is lime green.

Roller/Ink carts

Kaweko and Pelikan make roller ball pens that use FP cartridges.
I got a catalog recently from Colorado Pen with the Pelikan pens in it. (I can't find the catalog at the moment.) If I remember correctly, they're under $20.


I am a notebook junkie.

Refillable Rollerballs

What I'm holding out for is an affordable rollerball that can be refilled from a bottle. Carts tend to be more expensive per fill-up than bottled ink. But I know that's an unlikely invention!


refilling carts

I got a syringe at the pharmacy for a quarter and use it to refill cartridges with bottled ink.

I am a notebook junkie.

Pelikan roller will use converter

I also have several of these rollerballs of various brands which take fountain pen ink. The instructions that come with the Pelikan version say that you can fill them up with a fountain pen converter. I haven't tried it (because I couldn't imagine how that would work - where does the ball go when you do this - but that's what it said). All these pens take international size cartridges and converters. Some nice ones were being sold at yafaoutlet.com a while back, Italian manufacture.

The Pelikan rollerball/ink pens are very cheap, so I'd recommend trying it with a converter and bottled ink if that's your goal.

For me, I dislike these pens now. The lines they write are way too bold and they tend to be wet writers. I like rollerballs that are extremely fine, as with Japanese pens. I don't have the premium priced Montgrappa roller ball pen, perhaps it's better.

There was a poster in a thread here who described pulling apart a Pilot V-Ball rolling ball (a la Pilot Varsity) and refilling it with fountain pen ink. However I lost the cross reference to that post. Anyone done this? Certainly not worth the effort - but it does pique my curiosity.

Squid ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


My favorite everyday ink is vintage solv-x Parker Blue-Black: why did they stop making it, why? It can still be found.
For special occasions, my choice is Private Reserve Burgundy Mist, with a wet-but-not-too-wet nib.

Strange that there are so

Strange that there are so few comments referring to Parker. I have a Parker Fountain pen left over from school which was quite a few years ago, and I use Parker ink in it, but the cartridges, which you can still buy.
I didn't use my FP for years, but found it in a drawer a few months back and started using it again, and it's been great. Being a lefty, I have trouble writing with alot of other pens due to the strange angle I hold it in (a habit born of trying to avoid smudging the ink I just put on the paper). The FP is great for that.

Parker still popular in the UK

I have a bottle of their blue at home. Dont come across many fountain pen users though...come to think of it there are a lot in the UK that can barely use a biro ;-)

:-) The UK is where I got my

:-) The UK is where I got my Parker (I'm from there originally). At school we were specifically banned from using biros, it was rollerballs or fountain only. The Parker Fountain I'm using at the moment I think might actually be left over from when I was at school. I think a large proportion of the kids there used Parker.
I found it in my drawer about 6 months ago and after a clean out with some warm water, filled it with Parker Black ink cartridges.
Having read this post, I'm feeling the pull to get another pen and fill it with something daring like purple (apparently this and green are favourite colours to write in for psychopaths...)

The only thing putting me off is the high price of the pens, which seems a little extravagant for me (I'm a programmer, so I tend to do most of my writing on a keyboard and my hand writing is horrendous to the point of being offensive to people of a delicate sensibility).

Inexpensive pens

There are lots of good pens to be found under $20. Heck, even under $10. I've heard good things about Hero pens, for example, and they usually run about five bucks. There are others, too -- check fountainpennetwork.com for listings.

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Try JetPens and/or JPens

Two places where you can find fountain pens under $5
I have 3 of the Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pens so far, but I love my (only one) Ohto Tasche.

JetPens Here (Free shipping for orders over $25)

JPens Here (Free shipping for orders over $20)

I do not work for either of them, I am just a very satisfied customer.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Inexpensive Fountain Pens

The Hero is indeed a nice pen for the money, although the shipping can exceed the cost of the pen itself. The biggest problem with the Hero is that most only come with the Fine Nib option which can be rather scratchy at times. The other less than desirable trait is that most Hero's only fill from an Aero converter, with cartridges not being an option. In my pocket at this time proudly rests a Big, Black Hero 551 oversized FP which looks as good as any Pekikan or MB. My total output for this beautiful pen was $23 including shipping.

I need a Hero

I have several Hero pens. And they are some of my favorites. Inexpensive, and write well.
I love the fine point!

I am a notebook junkie.


I just this past week bought a Parker, to use with Quink inks... not that I like them so much, but because they dry very fast for this leftie, and are ubiquituous here in Krakow. So far, I've been happy with the blue-black color I bought. I bought a bladder pen on Saturday (ancient), and am still considering what inks to buy for it... :-)


I have a Meisterstuck Mont

I have a Meisterstuck
Mont Blanc.
It is the most wonderful thing to write with.

I have been tempted to sell it a couple of times when things got rough, but I could never bring myself to do it.

Pen ink

I love the Herbin (especially the burgundy and olive) and Noodlers (Purple Martin!) I don't like Private Reserve. I sometimes change colors by flushing out the pen with water and then moving to the new color.

My Favorite Ink Is

Iroshizuku. Right now, I'm using tsuki-yo almost exclusively.

My faves :)

I love lots of inks, but my favorite (and this may come as a shock) is Pelikan! I only have the Royal Blue and Turquoise, and they just write so smoothly for me especially in my Waterman M nib. I used to think I had to have a fine tip, but with Pelikan, the ink is thick enough to allow me controlled writing in a M nib. Pelikan was my first ink; so I remembered it and tried it when the ink that came with my Waterman was a flop. I love the colors, but what is significant to me is the shading. Beautiful! I have a lot of turquoise ink and enjoy them all: Noodler's Navajo Turquoise, Noodler's EEL Turquoise, Shaeffer Turquoise, Monteverde Turquoise. The Pelikan and Noodler's are my favorites. Waterman that I've tried has been too watery for my writing, and others I've tried and liked are Lamy Blue (very close to Pelikan Royal Blue), Noodler's American Eel Blue, Noodler's Ottoman Azure (just ok), Noodler's La Coulour Royale. I tried Platinum Preppy ink cartridges and like Waterman, they are too runny for me. I write in my Moleskines with fountain pens, and have no problems because I use medium to light blues. The runnier inks don't work in there for me. I'm going to try some cartridges of other Pelikan colors. Usually I use bottled inks. I really want to try Levenger ink especially Blue of Sky, Blue Bahama and Cobalt!