Searching for something I already downloaded

Hi all there,

I find this site a wonderful idea and I already downloaded a diary last week, but unfortunately, I must have deleted it without intentions. :-((

It was A5 - PDF - weekly diary between July 2007 and December 2007. Very simple and international (no USA holidays). Of the same author, there was also the 2008 diary. The name was something like: A5-juldec2007 or juldec2007-A5 or something.

Very sad I cannot find it any longer as I was ready to print it now. :-(((


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that A5 weekly diary you have been looking for

Hi Stef,

I think this is the file you are looking for. If you scroll to the middle of the webpage, you should see the .pdf files that are able to be downloaded for the mid-2007 and 2008 weekly calendars.

In case this does not work for you (after all, I've only been a member of this website for 53-minutes), please let me know. I'll figure out another way to send you the calendars.

Happy organizing!
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