Today's Inspiration...

I tried to find an index tab punch yesterday in a scrapbook aisle... no luck. This morning I was just jogging around the world wide web and stumbled on this page...

LINK SO many things that DIYers would enjoy! I think I may have to incorporate some ideas... ;)

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nice find! that's some cute

nice find!

that's some cute stuff.


Great find sara,

I've added it to and plan on browsing the goodies later.


many hugs back

It amazes me how many nooks and crannies are still out there... sometimes I fear I found the end of the road in web-world and then... PING! another great find to share.

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great find!

Sara - lots of fun stuff on that site - great find!

nay nay


I love that little tin, with all the smaller ones inside--and with clear lids!

I typically use egg cartons when I tear apart my computers/electronics, but one must be careful. With this, I could have everything safe--yet visible! And it's soo cheap! I could easily buy a few--yet, I'm 5,000 miles away.... sigh... It must wait.

In any case, thanks for the link!