First attempt at my own template

I've been playing around with various planners, notebooks and page formats and like the idea of having separate but related areas for appointments and to-do's that need to be completed on a particular day. The Moleskine weekly agenda is the closest thing I've seen so far, but I need a little more structure to both the appointments and notes sections, plus a little more space for each. So here's my first attempt at my own simple templates. Printed two-sided, this creates 2-up, classic size pages with Monday-Weds. on the left planner page with notes on the right, and Thurs-weekend on the next page, reversed (dates on right, notes on left). I'm going to try this out for a couple weeks and see how it works, but thought I'd share and invite suggestions in the meantime.


calendar with notes.doc56 KB
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very nice

I could see that being very useful.


I like this template very much - nice job! Hope it is working well for you!

Happy Day,
nay nay