Wilde-Ideas.com - Buyers Beware

I just had a terrible shopping experience at Wilde-Ideas.com. The owner of the company explained to me that their shopping cart programming is too complex to display only the options that apply to each individual when they check out. He then accused me of milking their system because I selected the free shipping option during checkout when it did not apply to me (even though I am a Craftscape club member) because I also used the 25% off online coupon.

My complaint is not that I was able to mistakenly apply a discount that I didn't deserve - it's that I was then charged an additional $5 for shipping without being notified first. I cannot accept that. I asked to have my ordered cancelled and was told (this is a direct quote), "It shipped yesterday, honey!" and then he laughed at me. I plan to refuse the shipment. I'll let you know if they refund my money promptly or not.

So, buyers beware! Read the Wilde-Ideas.com discount details carefully, and don't expect a smart shopping cart, and don't expect kindness or even civility if you have trouble with your order!

[Edits made to improve angry grammar.]

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Details, please.

Sounds complicated.
Would you be willing to provide a timeline of events so that we can understand exactly what happened ?
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Sure...maybe in a few hours.

I was treated very roughly on the phone and I need to recover from that first. I'm sure there are some folks who really like Wilde-Ideas on this forum. I don't want to turn this into a slam/counter-slam argument. My primary goal in starting this thread was to warn that the discounts we so dearly love are not definitively outlined or controlled in Wilde-Ideas' shopping cart and additional charges may apply if you select the wrong options. I hate surprise charges, and I'm sure everyone else does too.

Thanks :)

I just reread my original post. Wow, that was terrible. [Mental note: posting and listening to conference calls don't mix.] I made a few changes to make it more readable. It's still not great; I'll add some more details in a bit.

Thanks for gently telling me that I was doing the crazy talk, ygor. :)

complete understanding

I just had a completely fustrating and upsetting email arrive in my inbox... it took me several deep breaths before I could type a reply up... and then I called immediately to bring home the points to the sender... and my voice was shakey (I could hear it)... but I tried to keep everything I said under control.

I know exactly how you feel hun... :hugs: i'm really sorry these things happen in so many different forms lately.

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:reciprocal hugs: Nastygrams are the pits, and you're already having such a tough time. It sounds like you handled this one well and you deserve a big pat on the back for being grown-up about it. Me...I just scuttled off to tattle on the mean old vendor, LOL. I should take a page or two from your book.

I'm going to go pet one of my Circa notebooks. That always makes me happy! :-D


I always dig through my purse for THE RED PEN OF DOOM ... nice to embellish my current paper with lil red devils and angry faces... keeps my "on the phone" voice under control usually... that and making horrible nasty faces and hand gestures. :snicker:

I am far from someone you should take pages from :D But I appreciate the support... I had to keep my cool as I hope to get a reference from this person. No bridge burning allowed!

Also I think your post was fine :) I don't think I read the very original but it is a fustrating situation and people will understand. (Or else hehehe)

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I'm calm now. I'm going to try to report events factually, but I can't be unbiased. I hope you'll forgive me if a little bitterness creeps in.

Here's what happened:

8/29 - Received email about Labor Day Sale at Wilde-Ideas.com. Read it. Made a mental note to buy discs.

8/31 - Attempted to buy discs. Got confused by the shopping cart and what discounts applied, so I sent an email to customer support asking for clarification. I was told that the Craftscape discount and LDS coupon couldn't be used in the same order. I wrote back a one-liner saying thanks, but that the text in the email was misleading and they might want to change it in the future. A reply was returned promptly that said the email was NOT misleading and that I was simply wrong. I copied the line in question, "Customer Loyalty Rewards & New Subscriber Discounts Also Apply!", into my reply and explained that I interpreted that statement as meaning I *could* use my Craftscape discount. I received another prompt reply that agreed with me, thanked me for bringing this to their attention, and explained that this line was accidentally left over from the previous sale email. This was a civil exchange - not exactly warm and fuzzy, but not at all mean.

a little later on 8/31 - I complete my shopping. During checkout, I am given several shipping options. One of them is the free Craftscape shipping, so I select it. I receive a receipt for my online order totaling $27.70.

9/4 - I receive an emailed receipt for $5.00. The order number is for the order I placed on 8/31. I emailed to ask what it was for. The reply: shipping for my order on 8/31. I reply and say that I chose the free shipping option.

9/5 - I receive a reply stating that free shipping was invalid on that order so the $5 charge was added manually. I reply, asking why the shopping cart allowed me to choose free shipping if I wasn't allowed to do so, stating that I did not authorize the $5.00 charge, and requesting that my order be canceled.

a little later on 9/5 - I receive an email asking me to call Jeff Wilde at Wilde-Ideas.com. I do so. He patiently explains to me how the Craftscape Club works. I agree with what he says; none of these details were new to me. I then explain that the free shipping was an option for me to select during checkout, so of course I took it. I assumed that if the shopping cart allowed it, it was a valid option. He explained that the shopping cart code is far to complicated to build in logic for the Craftscape shipping.

The last thing I was able to say in a normal tone of voice was that I am a web programmer and I can't accept his excuses about the complexity of their shopping cart code. At this point, Jeff began to raise his voice. He loudly defended his assertion about the complexity of the shopping cart code. He said that all shipping options were presented to everyone, and that they relied on the "honor system" for people to choose only what they should. He said that 6 people every day select the wrong options, and they must expend a great deal of effort manually correcting the shipping on these orders.

I interrupted him here because he was starting to shout, and tried to bring the conversation back to my principal objection: that I was charged $5 without my permission. He asserted that the charge was justified. I asked to have my order canceled. He replied that it had already shipped. I said that I would refuse the shipment, and that I expected a refund of the $27.70 and $5.00 shipping. He said NO. I said that I would contact my credit card company regarding the shipping charge. He started yelling something about "Every time someone something a chargeback something $10..." but I didn't hear it. I hung up.

I have to admit, I was REALLY mad. I felt that I had been verbally abused. I didn't want another thing to do with a company that knowingly operated a buggy shopping cart, would charge my card an extra fee without calling or emailing me first, and then yelled at me when I complained.

I wrote a short, civil email stating that I would like my Craftscape Club membership canceled. I stated that I knew I would not receive a refund and that I accepted that fact. I stated that I would refuse the order the mailed to me and that I expected a prompt refund of the entire order - merchandise AND shipping.

A few hours later I received a short email stating that my Craftscape Club membership had been canceled and my purchase price would be refunded. The email also stated that they would issue a full refund for the return shipment if I did not report this to my credit card company.

9/6 am. - I replied stating that if the refund was issued promptly and that there was no further rudeness on their part, I would not need to contact my credit card company.

9/6 pm. - Package received. I did not open it.

9/7 - Package returned to Post Office, shipment refused.

9/10 - No refunds have appeared on my credit card yet. I expect that it will take a few days for them to show up.

I'll post again if there are any further developments.

It's probably also worth mentioning that in the middle of August, I contacted customer service at Wilde-Ideas.com to make them aware of a problem with a previous order. The black medium Rollabind discs I had ordered were weird - the discs had a significantly taller mushroom cap than all the other discs I own, and cards punched with the Rollabind desktop punch (also purchased at Wilde-Ideas.com) would turn on them. I emailed with the intention of just informing Wilde-Ideas of the problem, but they offered to replace them with discs of another color if I would mail them back even though I no longer had the original packaging. I thought this was very nice! When I packaged the discs up to send off, the thought occurred to me to count them. I was three short; instead of 40 discs, there were only 37. I mentioned the discrepancy on a little note I included in the package. I know I hadn't used any - they didn't work when I tried them out, so I put the discs I meant to use back in my disc organizer. I did not count the discs when I got my order so I can't say for sure that I received the right number, but I also can't see how they would have gotten lost.

Sorry for the long post. I hope that others will learn from my mistakes: understand the Craftscape club rules, follow them even if the shopping cart lets you select discounts that don't apply, and email customer service first if you have any questions.

Very interesting read.

Sounds like you have a valid gripe.
I agree with your spin on the "shopping cart complexity" excuse. Such an "smart cart" should be possible by any reasonably competent webmaster. Contrarywise, if they cannot handle the complications, they should not offer them.

All I ever bought from them was some discs. I will certainly hesitate to buy any more from them.

I am seriously considering contacting them and telling them so. Very politely, of course.
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I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience.

I'm not a Craftscape member and I have only made one purchase from them but even with my limited experience I understand exactly what you are saying about their Shopping Cart. I forget all of the details but it involved a discount that may or may not have applied to some of the items I bought (it wasn't entirely clear). I sort of crossed my fingers when I hit the last button and breathed a sigh of relief when it went through. I never would have imagined that they might unilaterally change someone's price after the sale was rung up. (Just to be clear, that didn't happen to me.)

As it is the site does put you on notice of the various options --at their discretion-- if something is on backorder. I did read and understand most of this and yet I was somehow surprised when they held my order to fill a couple of items and then ultimately sent it without some others. I did get a great deal, on three rolla bind punches in particular,
but I was a little irritated that they didn't email me regarding the missing Rolla discs and give me the chance to order them in different colors or sizes.

I wrote it off at the time because I had heard that Rollas were in short supply every where and an email notification would probably have simply told me that substitutions were unavailable.

However, there's no reason they couldn't have held your order and sent you a polite email explaining that they would need to bill you for the $5.00 and give you the option of cancelling the order.

It is unreasonable, almost irrational, for an online business to expect that everyone will thoroughly understand the intricacies of a discount system as complicated as theirs. They have no understanding of human nature if they think that people will not apply a discount --shipping or otherwise-- if there is any question as to whether it might apply or not. It should be obvious that it is just good business to have a Shopping Cart program that seamlessly enforces their policies with a minimum of aggravation and ill will on both sides.

They must have some awareness of this because on a subsequent occasion I did try to place an order on a similar sale and the shopping cart would not allow me to take the discount. So I simply closed out the Shopping Cart with a little disappointment but no hard feelings.

Suffice it to say it's unlikely I'll be be ordering anything else from them until I have reason to believe that my order will be billed and filled as I would expect based on my shopping cart.

Please let us know if you hear anything more.


I order from Wilde-Ideas and have not had a problem. But, as a former computer programmer, I can say that there is something wrong if the shopping csrt program cannot handle all possible cases. As a matter of fact, I have a few problems on the Wilde-Idea site. Now I realize that they were probably the result of a computer glitch caused by a recent change in the program code.

My point for posting a reply is that if the shopping cart accepted free shipping, then Wilde-Ideas should not have made a charge after the fact. Is haggling over $5 worth losing a customer? Particularly if Wilde-Ideas shipping cart computer program is not "smart".

My final point is this, I do not know who is "right" and who is "wrong", but I do know that my confidence in ordering from Wilde-Ideas has changed slightly. Will I hesitate in ordering? I hope not since I personlly have not had any problems, but again that bogus $5 charge is in the back of mind. Get the picture, Wilde-Ideas?

Note to Wilde-Ideas: Fix your program if it makes mistakes. If it wrongly accepted the order with free shipping when it was submitted by the buyer, then you should have rescinded your $5 charge when you were contacted by the customer. Of course my pontificating is based on the assumption that the scenario was as reported by Janine.

I'm very sorry to hear about

I'm very sorry to hear about your experience with Wilde-Ideas, but not surprised. Back in June, when I was planning my first circa/rollabind-related purchases, I found Wilde-Ideas, and considered buying from them because they had some discount at the time. But I thought their policies were very unfriendly; e.g., if you return something you still have to pay a restocking fee and the full shipping price, even if you didn't pay shipping to begin with. Their return policies in general resulted in the customer losing a good deal of money for returning items. And when I contacted them, I found customer service to be less than accommodating. I ended up not buying from them. (I just tried to find more specifics on their return policies, but the website is "unavailable" and their phone # is no longer in service. Hmmm . . .)

In general, I've found that policies such as theirs, which make transactions hard on the customer, reflect poor business practices overall and predict the kind of experience that Janine had. The only way to have an impact is to not give them your business. What Janine is reporting is absolutely unacceptable at best, and giving them business just tells them that what they're doing is fine.

Which is another reason this forum is great -- it allows people to share this kind of information . . . and vent about it when they need to!

Alternative to Wilde Ideas

Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Wilde Ideas for a good selection of disc colors and sizes? I ordered some discs from them but also found the discount policies confusing.


Do you mean besides Rollabind?

Having read the full

Having read the full description of your experience,Janine, I must sa I'm abosolutely horified at the behavior of the representative. If it were me, I would have refused to speak to him any further the moment he raised his voice, regardless of what he was saying.
Save the dodo!

Hear hear!

Hear hear! (Or is it "here here"?)

And given that the "representative"'s name is Wilde, one must assume he's rather high up in the hierarchy of the Wilde-Ideas company.

ah, the web...

Actually, chances are, that he wears many hats. When we go to web sites, they all look the same "size" if you know what I mean... There could be hundreds of people behind the "storefront" or just dozens--or just a couple.

My guess is that Wilde Ideas is quite a small company--and can't hardly afford (so they think) to be "generous" to their customers--not that I'm giving them excuses, because such behavior always bites you in the end. In fact, the smaller you are, the more important good customer service is--think of feedback on eBay. 10 feedbacks, and one negative, and nobody wants to touch the seller! 10,000 feedbacks, and a couple thou bad (just throwing out numbers there)--nobody hardly notices.


Having their cake and eating it too

I think you've hit on an important point. Small businesses can seem much larger than they are behind the facade of a fancy electronic store front. But you can't continue to compete with the big boys if you don't deliver --literally and figuratively-- because the illusion crumbles.

Yes, besides Rollabind

because Wilde Ideas had a larger selection of colors than I see listed on the Rollabind web site.

disc color choices

That's very true. Wilde-Ideas does have a better color variety at the moment.

About 7 years ago when I first ordered from Rollabind, they had lots more colors available on their website.

I am a notebook junkie.

Have you tried their scrapping site?

Rollabind has more disc colors posted(other than the traditional black, blue, white, and red) on the Scrapbooking portion of their web site.


Yes, they do!!

If you want more color choices folks, follow JWhitt to the scrapbook section of the Rollabind website!

Thanks for the pointer!

I am a notebook junkie.

Rollabind source-

Rollabind source- marcopaper.com- colorful selections, great customer service! I have ordered from them many times.
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Free Templates

Just a note that the templates they show on this web site - marcopaper - are free if you go to this web site: heartprints.net/gallery/templates/page/1/ so, don't buy them, download them for free! :)

nay nay

You sure aboout that site ?

My 'puter says "heartprints.net" does not exist
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Use the Google, Ygor

My concern was about the posted URL

"Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but..."

If you When I paste "heartprints.net/gallery/templates/page/1/" into the address bar, you I get an error
Contrarywise, if you I add "www." to the front, everything is OK.

I have this odd expectation to have posted URL's work exactly as posted.

Silly me.

But then I usually post a link that I have tested in preview.

"...of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong."
Thank you, Dennis Miller.
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well, excuse me!

I didn't put the www. as the post usually gets declined or sent to never never land. Sorry for assuming you would enter the www. actually on my computer, you do not need the www... anyway. sorry everyone for the bad link. I am still trying to learn how to actually make a real link in a post. Yes, I have the instructions Ygor! Just haven't had time to review them yet.

No you don't

If you paste "heartprints.net/gallery/templates/page/1/" into the address bar, you get an error

When I did exactly that after reading that you couldn't access it. Something (I presume their webserver) rewrote the URL to inclde the www.

Pronoun trouble

It's not "he doesn't have to shoot you now", it's "he doesn't have to shoot me now". Well, I say he does have to shoot me now!! So shoot me now!
Rabbit Seasoning: Pronoun trouble

I got and error when I tried that URL. (please note the corrected posting)
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Wish I'd Read A Few More Wilde-Ideas Posts!

I read a post recently here about a 25% discount at Wilde Ideas. I had never shopped there but I was having a lot of difficulties with Levenger (I'm a longtime customer and not happy with their recent direction!) and saw that there are alternatives to Circa - Rollabind. I decided to try Wilde-Ideas. Their web site design should have been a big clue -- I have found that stores with very poorly designed sites usually are just like their web sites. Disorganized web site = disorganized company.

Anyway I purchased a desktop Rollabind punch and a few boxes of each size of disk. During checkout I discovered that the punch was on back order. I was asked to select a shipping agreement option per their "Order Fulfillment Services Policy": Depending on the price of the back-ordered item, either I pay additional shipping or they do. Weird policy - I've not seen one like it anywhere. But I agreed that I would cover shipping on any back-ordered items under $10, and they would pay it for items over $10. Obviously if two or three shipments are required it costs more - but I have never seen an estore ask the customer to pay for the store's failure to stock listed items

After agreeing to that and paying via PayPal, I received the email receipt, telling me the punch and several boxes of disks are on backorder. Then I received another email asking what I wanted to do about the back-ordered items, and it listed basically the same options as I had already agreed to. Hmm... confusing, to say the least. Nothing at all would happen unless I called them. So I called and asked what that was all about. The woman asked me if I wanted to cancel, or would I pay for the additional shipping. I reminded her about the "fulfillment agreement" I was forced to agree to, and that since the punch and most disk boxes were each over $10 that they were responsible for the added shipping. One or two boxes of disks were under $10, so they would be at my expense.

She admitted that she knew all about the "fulfillment agreement", but then started complaining that they couldn't control their suppliers, and then how I had paid via PayPal and how she really doesn't like PayPal. She sounded really upset that I had even used PayPal! I asked why she offered PayPal if she hates it that much, and she gave me the usual -- so many customers prefer to use PayPal -- but she just hates it sooo much. Guess I was supposed to feel oh-so guilty about having used it. And making them pay for the added shipping by selecting that option - which they had as a selection. After all, I didn't dream their stupid "Order Fulfillment Services Policy" up!!

So that was November 21, 2007. By now I have received the in-stock items, but I have no idea when the rest will come. And they surely are not going to let me know! Order-tracking states that they refuse to give ETA's for back-ordered items, because they have no idea when the suppliers will ship to them until it shows up there. What kind of operation is this, anyway? Is it someone working out of their parents' garage or something?

So now I know better. Live and learn!


Thanks for reminding me ...

I cancelled my order last week and have not received the refund, though I received a refund e-mail.

I've e-mailed to see what's what.


I received my refund and an e-mail explaining that they overlooked the last part (actually submitting the refund to PayPal).

All of the e-mails were pleasant enough.


Could be Rollabind, too

This could also be some of Rollabind's fault. From what I've read elsewhere here, they have two divisions: craft and business. Reportedly the craft side (which would supply Wilde, I'd think) is a bit flaky. Wilde may have shipping issues, but they may also be trying to deal with Rolla's crafts division. Disclaimer: I have no experience with either business, am just relaying what I've read here from those who have called them and fought. I've also had a conversation with the folks at MC2 about this, and the gentleman I spoke too relayed their own problems with Rollabind (slow shipping, problems with invoice payment, etc.)

There is a "presentation binding kit" from Rollabind Systems (the business division.) You might want to go right to the source and see if you can lay hands upon this. Here's a link

Good luck.

I posted above about some

I posted above about some confused folks that appear to be running Wilde Ideas. Well it got a bit worse from there.

I received a total of 4 emails the day after my order. First confirmed the order and said all was in stock and shipping. The next was that confusing message asking me to call about their "fulfillment options for backorders and who pays shipping costs. That was a surprise since they had me declare I would pay and authorize it in advance before the transaction could complete. Then I received two more later that day indicating that some of my items indeed WERE placed on backorder and they would ship in about a week, though they did admit that was the suppliers' estimate and that the supplier was never correct about that.

The problem was the items they claimed were backordered. I received the shipment of items that were in stock about a week later. Missing were the Rollabind desktop punch, a package of Small Discs, and a package of Jumbo Discs. Much later I received another email that stated different items that those were actually backordered. With three more email messages stating the wrong items backordered - each time different items! - I kept checking their "order status" web page and that page showed incorrect info also! AAaarrggghhh!!

I called and a woman answered, had me hold for a minute, then said everyone was busy packing orders and someone would call back. No one ever did, though I called there a total of four times over a two week period. (I don't consider four calls in 14 days a lot - I thought I was reasonable with my calls!) Also, I had by now sent them a few messages with reduced copies of their emails to me with wildly differing backorder information along with reduced screenshots of their order status web page - also showing differing backorder info.

Finally, on 12/17/2007 I received a shipping confirmation for my missing items. (My original order had been 11/21/2007 - four weeks earlier). This email correctly showed the Rollabind Punch and Small Discs shipping, but said that the Jumbo Discs (not really so Jumbo - Rollabind apparently calls their 1" discs "Jumbo") had been canceled! By whom?!?

I wrote to them about this - I knew no one there would speak with me - and I received a reply in a half day saying they could no longer get the discs, and that OF COURSE they were issuing a refund to me - but that I hadn't waited patiently for their refund notification. (I'm an impatient bugger, apparently!)

So by now I have received all that I will receive from Wilde-Ideas. In the end I got most of what I ordered, though it did take a month. But the confusion there over what they have, what they do not have, what they should backorder, and who will pay for shipping of the backordered items...

Definitely not worth a second shopping experience by me! I've learned my lesson! Next time I guess I'll just go ahead and send a box full of blank checks and untraceable fifty dollar bills to Levenger and ask them to please have mercy on me and forgive my humble soul for shopping elsewhere!!

Thanks for listening, folks!


bought from Wilde Ideas despite the warnings

I went ahead and purchased from Wilde Ideas despite the warnings. My first purchase from them was the Rollabind desktop punch, when they had a 20% off on everything offer going. They took the 20% off, shipped fairly quickly, and I had no problems. If it was an ebay transaction, I'd say "A+ would do business with again."

I wanted some nifty colored Rollabind rings, and it seems like they would be the best place to get those, so I placed another order. I ordered on December 15 (a Saturday) and received an email confirmation that my order was received on the 17th (the following Monday). I just checked my status on their site this morning (Friday the 21st) , and all my items show "Pending Shipping" with no indication of when they will ship. I tried calling their toll-free customer service number and it pretty much said to go to their website if you want to see your order status, do the live chat option on the website, call another number if you want to place an order, or leave a voicemail if you have a question.

The only good news here is that the temporary authorization on my debit card showed up and then has expired. My understanding is they can't actually charge you for products until they ship. They haven't so I haven't actually paid them anything yet.

Anyone have a recommended place that you can get a variety of Rollabind colored rings? Besides Ebay?


Try MC2Office


Not much color choice, but they are dumping their Rollabind stock, so discs can be had cheap.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

By the way...

Out of curiosity, I wend to Wilde-Ideas, and it says

All Rollabind products are unavailable until further notice.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


You're right! I hadn't noticed that before. I'm certain that wasn't there when I ordered. I must have just not noticed it when I was looking for the link to check my order status or actually contact someone there at Wilde Ideas.

Rollabind products are still prominently featured on their home page with a big red "Sale" tag on it. There is no indication that they are no longer available until you click through to try to order any of the items.


It gets "better"...

I sent them a WTF-query and got back this:

Thank you for your inquiry. You will need to contact CARL, the OEM for Rollabind, directly for answers to your questions, as we do not want to speak for them. You can reach CARL here: http://www.carlmfg.com/us/carl/Support/contact.htm

I sent this to CARL:

Wilde-Ideas is an online retailer that, until recently, sold Rollabind products. Recently, their web pages chaged to say, "All Rollabind products are unavailable until further notice."

I asked why.

They told me to contact you.

Stay tuned. I will share any response I get.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Bad news (short term), but...

The bad news is that CARL answered, saying

CARL MFG. USA, Inc is no longer a licensee of the Rollabind items.

So, I called Rollabind.
Apparently, CARL, was the distributor for the arts-and-craft side of Rollabind and have decided to persue their own product line -- one item being a portable punch for comb binding that looks a lot like the Circa/Rolla portable.

Now for the good news:

  1. You can still buy Rollabind products directly from Rollabind. They have their office/corporate and crafts online stores.
  2. I was told that Staples will be carrying discs and punches starting (hopefully) in the spring.

BTW, I asked about Atoma and was told that Rollabind came first, and Atoma copied them.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

If you seek Rollabind, do

If you seek Rollabind, do not go to rollabind.com. Perhaps there is another site that will help you, but I tried rollabind.com, and got nothing. They charged my card immediately (of course), sent no notice of shipping, and when I called them (repeatedly over the course of a month), they assured me that it would ship "tomorrow". Yea, right. After a month of this, I told them not to ship it, but to give me a refund. They assured me that would happen in a matter of days. When another month had passed (my card company told me that I had to give them that long, as I'd been told I'd get a refund), I called my card company and cancelled the charge.

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

sticking with Levenger

The big reason I wanted to get the Rollabind rings was to get some fun colors. It's sounding like the only reliable ways to get the rings is from Levenger or buy a notebook from Staples.

I have some Levenger rings, plenty to make a few notebooks. Anyone tried painting the rings from Levenger? Maybe I can get a bunch of white ones and then spray paint them.


I got charged

by Rollabind Crafters division over 2 weeks before my order shipped. Whether it's allowed or not, it was done.

I wrote about it on another thread. (I won't play linkage-games)

I think a lot of online

I think a lot of online companies are just drop-shippers (I think that is the expression) who probably don't hold any stock at all. I ordered a desk chair from an online company about a month ago, but actually placed the order by telephone as I had a few questions. One was if the item was in stock and how soon would I have it. Speed was one of the deciding factors with dozens of companies offering the same item at the same price. I was told it was in stock, would go out that day and would be with me within 3-4 working days. So I wait, and I wait. No delivery. I call them up several days after the supposed delivery day and was told there was a problem with my credit card, which turned out there was no problem. They would send it straight away. So I wait another week, and still no delivery. I was also supposed to get a call or email to say when it was shipped, which I never received, so I call them again. Now I want to cancel, since the short delivery time I was promised was the deciding factor. No problem, they would refund me the money. What? Yes, they charged my card straight away 'to hold the chair for me'. It still hadn't shipped. Refund would go out straight away, expect it on my card within 4-5 working days. Then I get an email, I can expect the chair within about 5 working days. Eh? Replied, told them the order was canceled and am waiting for refund. No answer. A week goes by, I thought I'd better check they didn't send the chair. No they didn't, and the refund, sorry, didn't go out, but would straight away. By now the words 'straight away' seem to take on a new meaning. I allow the usual 4-5 working days for the refund to materialise, ring the card company today - no, no refund. Ring the company - sorry, seems the refund has been ordered, but not actually sent. 4-5 working days will be sometime next year now. So retailers do charge your card before the goods are sent.
For any brits who want to buy office furniture, you may want to stay clear of furniture@work.

'straight away'

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." (Inigo Montoya - The Princess Bride)

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."

when straight away = never

That's the beauty of using a credit card. In a situation like this, just call your cc company and dispute the charge. You won't actually have to pay for anything until or unless the situation is resolved. Even if it were just a matter of their charging you before they ship the item. I never pay for anything before I actually receive it.

(I mention this because a couple of people on the site have had problems because they've used debit rather than credit. If you have a choice, credit's the way to go.)

a new business model for rollabind

They should switch to the house party style of marketing. I just saw a news blurb saying that tool parties have become all the rage these days. I can see going to a Rolla party. I can see throwing a Rolla party. Wouldn't that be fun? I've resisted so far the sales party phenomenon, but I think this would make my resistance futile.

(a star trek party would do the same)



I want a Levenger party. Wouldn't THAT rock?

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I'd go!

I declined a candle party invite a couple of weeks ago (fortunately, I had a hockey game to go to ...)

A Levenger party

Indeed !!!

Yes ! A Party !!

You can serve very tiny portions on the jumbo discs


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I also had trouble with Wilde Ideas

I tried contacting them 3 times about some stamping pads that were backordered. On one occasion she asked my name and said I'm not at my computer, it's in the back, I'll go there today and when I look your name up, I'll call you back. She never did. Called again, clerk said, she'd look it up also. Asked for my order#, which I had, still they weren't sure what was going, would call me back. Long story short, never received my stamping pads. I purchased "alot" of pads on my order. I guess it was too complicated for them to keep track of what they shipped and what was backordered.
Their business is too big for them to handle. Don't waste your time, your price might be higher than mine.

Another diappointed customer!

Add me to the list of cutomers duped by them. I ordered a stamp on 8-26 and promised it was being shipped. Finally today 3 weeks later I realized this stamp isnt here or coming and you can't reach them by phone, they won't answer and tell you to use live chat. Only live chat isn't really live - it's a message system and they will get back to you. So then they say email and well respond, when they feel like it. It took 3 weeks to hear "sorry, it was sold out.' When were you going to tell me this? And refund my money? You weren't until I questioned it and hunted down this stamp. Shame on them. Crappy way to run a business and they lost a customer with me (who spends A LOT) and with all of my friends whom I'm spreading the word. I guess they have a lot of money to toss around and lose business to treat customers like this. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!

my opinion: dont buy from wilde-ideas.com

same thing

ordered,\then time passed, heard nothing, called, talked to a man who was rude and aggressive and unprofessional

it turns out they advertised items they didnt have

your money spends well elsewhere

just my two cents worth; if each customer is not valued, soon Wilde has no customers.