TECHNO-TOY ALERT ! ! New iPods ! !

Two brand new ones and improvements on the others


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New iPods = Drool

total drool

yeah, i just saw that. i totally want a touch iPod but... it doesn't have enough storage for me. i need at least 80gigs cos my iPod is the way i carry my tunes.

i'm impressed with the 160gig pods, even if they don't have touch screens.

ah... toys.

New iPods

What, no DIYPlanner software included? Whadda rip-off! :-D


Oh man, are you kidding

Oh man, are you kidding me?

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my Nano (a gift from the boi last Christmas) but damn, if he'd only waited about six months!

Not that I really care about the video feature--haven't really any desire to try to watch a movie on a 2-inch-square screen--but it's pretty cool anyway!!