Does anyone else make a spiral-bound pocket-size system like Day-Timer's

I use a pocket-size Day-Timer. I have been doing a lot of tweaking of it lately (largely since joining this forum), and I finally have it pretty much all functional. But now it's a little too thick for the wallet I have it in. Do any of the other companies make the same size/format planner? I need to shop for a new wallet, but I'm wondering if I can expand my search beyond Day-Timer (which is nice, but pricey for me as a SAHM). It consists of spiral-bound booklets - I think they're 3.75x6.75" (I know they're about checkbook-sized) - so the holder needs to be designed with slots for these booklets to slide into.

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I have seen binder/holders that may work for you. There are several brands... I know franklin covey offers one that Target licenses ... you may be able to find a compatible size one. pretty much all stores in my area have a version or two but sizes vary greatly. Perhaps check out your local resale stores, freecycle and craigslist. I have quite a collection of old daytimer binders but they have the ring system. You may want to try Big Lots or a similar type store too. you may be able to find an overstock bargain.

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FC pocket size

You may want to check out Franklin Covey's Pocket or even Micro size. These are available at Target and Wal-Mart. You may also want to check out the planner sections of the major office supply stores (Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, etc).


Thanks. :)

Thanks, guys. :) Now I know what to look for.

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