More details on our second aniversary giveaway

Plans are slowing coming together, so I can let slip a few more details.

We now have a full seven days of giveaways from some of our favourite companies. The prizes range from packs to fan-fave notebooks to an expensive Italian journal, from a do-it-yourself Circa kit (guess who's providing that one) to some top-notch software, and even a beautiful but functional piece of leather-wrought art.

Each day will see another prize package and another question. Be the first to answer the question correctly, and you win the prize. What's the catch? Well, the questions requires either knowledge or elite research skills, or both. We're trying not to come up with ones that anybody can answer in 10 seconds via Google.

So, the thought that many of you are posing, no doubt: When do the questions appear? Answer: at any time. And to make it a little more fair to our friends on the other side of the world, the question might even appear in the middle of the night, even if we have to force-feed icing sugar to Steve so he might stay awake.

The final details and rules will appear here Friday, and we'll begin the contest on Saturday.

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Exciting...looking forward to all the info on Friday!

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Sounds great

This should be great, right up until the diabetic coma!:( Ah, the sacrifices I make for you people:P

Pyramidiology: What you get when you mix pyramids and idiots.

Steve Sharam