Hi! Great site! Anyone own the Circa 3 x 5 Leather Foldover Notebook?

Hey all,
I would like to thank all the pioneers and people experimenting to help others.
Now I want a Hipster and I am now addicted like so many to the Levenger web site.
Does anyone have the Circa 3x5 Leather Foldover Notebook?
Also can someone scan a Circa punch preferably with a 3x5 card to compare it?
Initially I thought of just punching them with the standard 3x5 D*I*Y Planner kit,
but now that I think about it couldn't I extend each card by a little less than the
size of the punch out. Instead of 3x5 it would be something like 3.5x5. It would only
work with either 2-up or 4-up. Another idea would be to perforate the edge after the punch
but thats not that practical since you can already take them out anyways. Well if someone
could scan a Circa punch that would be greatly appreciated either on letter size or 3x5 paper.



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3x5 Circa Foldover

I have had a Circ 3x5 Foldover for some time now. It opens from the side and has a leather Circa-punched pen holder that extends to the side. It all closes with a snap on the cover. I will scan the page that fits in it (if I can manage where to put the picture)but I measured the page and it is a 3x5 card with a 10cm margin where the punch part is and they are perforated along the edge to allow the full 3x5 card to come out.

"To fly, we must have resistance."

I also have punched 3x5

I also have punched 3x5 cards for this notebook and you lose "real estate" where the punches go and you end up with a short card for the size of the Leather Foldover Notebook. I hope this helps!

"To fly, we must have resistance."