The Great DIYPlanner Giveaway Rules (Read Carefully!)

Starting tomorrow (Saturday), we'll feature a full seven days of fantastic prizes from some of our favourite companies. Each day a lucky site member will be able to win a prize package by simply answering that day's trivia question. The catch? No one knows when the question will be posed, and, well, we'll make sure it isn't too easy.

We want to keep everything as fair as possible, so we have to set a few ground rules. Please read carefully, or risk losing your prize to the next guesser.

  1. Each prize will be previewed before the question is asked, either the same day or the day before. The question may be asked any time thereafter, day or night. This is to ensure that people in different time zones stand an equal chance to win.
  2. The first person to correctly post the answer (as a comment) to the day's trivia question and who meets the other criteria here will be the winner. If there is the possibility of a tie (i.e., if two posts are in the same minute), a DIYPlanner team member will consult the logs to see who posted first.
  3. To qualify for a prize, the correct guesser must already be a member of (so register, if you haven't already). You must be logged in when you post: no anonymous or unverified names will be allowed.
  4. Only one guess per member is allowed. If you give two or more answers, only the first one will count. (This means that another member may use your other guesses.)
  5. Should a person not adhering to these rules guess the correct answer, he or she will forfeit the prize, and the next person to offer the same guess will be the winner.
  6. If an answer is close, the member of the team who posted the question may rule it as being correct.
  7. A person may only win a prize once in this series of giveaways. If you've already won, please refrain from entering again.

There you go. Not too difficult, we believe. Make sure you understand them before you start guessing. (By the way, a 24-hour day as above is based upon Mountain Time in North America.) A DIYPlanner team member will watch over the responses to the question, and declare the winner soon after the correct answer is posted.

Good luck, folks!

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Monty Python

Isn't there a moment in a Monty Python movie where they all yell out, "get on with it!"?

Just curious. :)

monty pyton

Yes, in the Life of Brian

What are you saying?

Oh yeah, by the way, no dyslexic communists may enter. Void in La La Land, The Land Before Time and The City At The End Of The Yellow Brick Road. Residents of Norway must ask their mother's permission before entering.

Steve Sharam

oh the anticipation...

Well this is exciting, even if I'm not permitted to enter (and not because of the time I spend in La La land...)

Good luck everyone!