Rollabind vs. Staples Rolla

I finally got a Rolla notebook from Staples, and the more I look at it, the more I question if it's really Rollabind or if it is just named Rolla.

The packaging says it's made by a company called TestRite or something like that.

The covers are nothing like any covers on Rollabind's site (and I had wondered before why they sell only plastic covers on their site, but heavy-duty cardboard ones at Staples).

Anyone know for sure that these are actually Rollabind brand?

(I don't like the covers, by the way. I mean, they're nice and heavy-duty, but they're too thick. I think I'm going to have to take some pages out because the covers barely fit on the rings. I'm always afraid they'll fall off. I think I'm going to get some plastic covers to put on. Anybody else notice this?)

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I havent seen the new staples products BUT I do know that Rollabind was going through some company changes. THere are only a couple companies that can legally produce the disc system... and Rollabind is a major one.

I have the old faux leather style one as my "base camp" these days. It does appear full but I have never had anything pop off our out of it before. Lately its a bit more stuffed due to my chaos taming :)

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look at the discs

The discs are printed with "rollabind" - and the paper is definitely rollabind paper. It's a nice, heavy, smooth paper. I bought one of the large, letter-size "faux leather" binders for my master notebook at school, and it works well...though I put so much in it, I had to replace the rings with jumbos :-)
The fabric-covered ones are too thick, I'd agree - and the smurfs start to get smushed even before you get them out of the store. I'd stick with the faux leather for that reason alone.