I took the Circa plunge...

...thanks to all of those who contributed to my original thread.
I took the plunge yesterday and made an order with Levenger.
I ordered a sand compact notebook (couldn't resist the bargain)and a desk punch.
I'm looking forward to them arriving soon and getting circafied as many of you have.
Take care, --Ray.

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Welcome to the "dark side" ... which the circa/rolla users have been nominated to occupy some time ago... O.o still not sure why it can't be the "semi-dim-lit side".

Keep us posted on your goodies - can't wait to hear how you like them and utilize them :)

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Dark Side Indeed

Yea, I took the plunge too Ray. I went farther and ordered the Starter kit bundle with a desk punch...even with my discount (clickable online coupon for 15% off) it was $90+. It's like a crack addiction. My pastor friend here in Denver has one and loves it and, short of stealing his which wouldn't be biblical, I just HAD to get my own.

That said, my package arrived yesterday and I felt like a little kid putting the notebooks together. I'm already using the compact one for my action lists and as a carry around. The punch, as Doug has stated, is built to last so that my great-grandkids can circa if they want!


Welcome to the disc-bound side :-) Quite possibly the only "Dark Side" of anything I know of that has its own Flickr group where you can get even more great ideas how to use your new notebooks and desk punch.