Journal Prompt Cards

As a journal keeper, I have more than one journal. I use the right one for my entries, not all of which are writing. So I use the one with watercolor paper for wet collage or watercolor work, one with Nepalese lokta paper for slow writing, etc.

I'm also a journaling course teacher. Online and in-person. When I taught the online classes, I wanted to let the participants extend the lessons in the class. I also wanted people who didn't take the class get a taste of what the class was about. Maybe they would take the class, maybe not.

So I set out to develop a month-long journal. People interested in a topic could keep the journal for 30 entries--however long that took. I created 10 questions, and wanted 3 sets each, and got stuck. So I called Paul Lagasse of Active Voice and asked for help. Paul designed and produced the Journal Prompt Cards (TM) along the lines of his downloads. They look great. He designed a cover to give them a finished look, too.

Of course, I wanted to use Rollabind disks, so that was a mandatory part of the design.

It worked really well. One-Sentence Journaling is selling well and I just introduced Journaling for Perfectionists, with Wabi-Sabi Journaling to follow in October.

(Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese esthetic that values the old, the worn, and the imperfect.)

You can see them on my blog

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