Giveaway Saturday: Florentine Travel Journal from Eastgate

Eastgate Florentine Travel JournalOur very first giveaway is one of the best. From our long-time sponsor Eastgate (makers of Tinderbox) comes a gorgeous leather travel journal crafted in a workshop in Florence, Italy, by Epica.

The journal measures 5"x8" and consists of 300 pages of rich, cream-coloured, hand-cut paper bound in dark brown high-quality Italian leather. The paper is thick and just toothy enough to provide an excellent writing surface for fountain pens or light watercolours, and the binding has an elegant antiqued ribbing that looks beautiful on a shelf. It even arrives in a tasteful drawstring bag. (For more details, see our review.)

The retail price of this journal is $85 USD, and worth every penny. In fact, you might treasure this keepsake so much you'll be afraid to write in it; if so, you'll be missing out on a truly decadent experience. (I have one myself, and it's one of my most beautiful possessions.)

Stay tuned for the opportunity to win this sumptuous prize within the next few hours. (Be sure to read the rules, if you haven't already.)

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I was just about

to say how sad and pathetic I am for hovering and re-loading the page to see when the contest would start.

Seeing that journal, it'd be worth hovering and re-loading to get an extra few moments of research in trying to win it.



I get an alert so I don't have to keep reloading. ;-) Looks like a beautiful journal!

- Jen


This is kind of like Pavlov's dog wouldn't you say?

Pavlov indeed

just show me italian leather journals and you don't even need to ring the bell.


OMG- I can't believe you're giving this away! I missed the contest... DOH!!! Insanely awesome prize!!!!!

If you do not want to miss out on the other goodies...

you should get registered.
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