Giveaway: Win the Travel Journal from Eastgate

Our very first question, and the opportunity to win the beautiful Florentine travel journal from Eastgate:

Not telling. Nice try, though.The writings of a medieval Venetian, recounting his explorations and offices in the far east, is one of the most popular travelogues of all time. But before he died, he wrote a new version of his best seller, which was lost, but not before a friar made a Latin translation of it. In so doing, the latter carefully reworked or censored parts of the text that bordered on heresy. Who was the Venetian, and what was the name of this friar?

The first person to post a comment with the correct two names will be the winner. (That is, assuming he or she is following our rules.) Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a winner after just six minutes, with three correct responses coming just seconds apart. However, only the first one counts, and Kate Berens will be receiving the beautiful travel journal from Eastgate. The answer was "Marco Polo and Francesco Pipino". Sources:

Don't worry. There's another giveaway tomorrow (and tomorrow, and tomorrow...).

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Marco Polo?

Marco Polo and Friar William?

- Jen

So close!

You almost had it!


answer. . .

The Venetian was Marco Polo; the friar was Francesco Pipino (I had to look this second bit up!)


You were the first one, Kate, by mere seconds. I'll contact you regarding the prize.

all my best,

Well Done Kate!

Anacora Imparo
Fast fingers!

Anacora Imparo Marco Polo

Anacora Imparo
Marco Polo and Friar Pipino

Giveaway #1

Marco Polo and Francisco Pipino


Congratulations Kate!!!

I am a notebook junkie.

well done Kate!

well done Kate!

congos Kate!

Congratulations! How exciting this all is... heheh.

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I am so excited! It may spend some time being admired and stroked, rather than used, I have to admit. Thanks so much, everyone, for the congratulations, and most of all Doug for the competition and the fab site. Good luck to all with the next questions.