Sailor Sapporo--anyone know about his fountain pen?

Hi! Anyone have experience with Sailor's Sapporo line of FPs? They are less expensive than the 1911 and the company says they are the line after that release. Does it have the same quality of nib that people rave about? I am a left-handed writer and my fountain pens have to "mold" to me. My cheap Lamy Safari's fine nib are perfect but I want something a bit smoother.

Also, what pound/kind of note paper works better with fountain pens? I am a Levenger addict, but sometimes the ol' pocketbook winces at the thought of buying premade note paper. I print out my own note paper so need better paper to go through the printer to write on afterwards. I take notes in letter size and my Agenda is Junior. As a grad student, I am learning that organization is 75% of the game. (f it's a game, shouldn't it be more fun! Ha!)

Thanks ahead of time. This site is the BEST!!!!!!!

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Love my Sailor Sapporo

I have a Sailor Sapporo and I love it. I also have Pilot Knights and Pilot Vanishing points and a Lamy Safari, and the Sapporo is just so much smoother writing. It seems to do well on just about any paper I have (except some very cheap gridded index cards I bought somewhere...) I use regular old copy paper all the time, and my myndology notebooks. (The myndology paper handles very well.)
Nanette Andrusiak

What nib size for your sapporo?

Thanks, Nanette. What nib size to you use and are you pleased with it. How does it feel in your hand? I don't want something too heavy.Thanks!

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Sapporo nib size

What size Sapporo nib would approximate the Lamy fine nib? It seems that the Japanese nibs I've seen are one notch thinner than their European counterparts, so I'm guessing medium Sapporo = Lamy fine...?

(I live out in the boonies, and I rarely, if ever, see anyone with a fountain pen. The nearest place to actually buy one is roughly 28 hours away. :-( )

all my best,

Thinner Japanese nibs

I had heard that, too, Doug. Thanks for the reminder. Half my salary is spent in postage getting things to here in Mayberry!

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I checked the nib equivalency

I talked with the dealer last night and he recommended that I go a size down to account for the Japanese size. So I use a Lamy fine and will use a Sapporo medium. Thanks for your help!

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Sounds about right

I have a Sapporo 1911 Fine nib, and it's finer than a Parker Sonnet Extra Fine.

Btw, I got mine mail order - and I live in London, UK.

Enjoy it

BTW, there's two Sapporos...

There's the regular size Sapporo, which takes cartridges or a converter for bottled ink, and the Sapporo Mini, which is the same diameter, but shorter and uses cartridges only. I think the former retails for about $150 and the latter for $135. Available discounted.

The Mini might be a great fit for a planner. And, you could refill the cartridges. The Sailor pens take their own cartridges.

I have a couple of older Sailor pens and they have very smooth nibs, like most Japanese fountain pens.

BTW, I like 24 lb paper for making my own planner/notebook pages. It's relatively easy to find. 28 lb paper is not as widely available.


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B. Banzai?

Enquiring minds want to know....

Where are you that the closest place to buy a fountain is 28 hours away?

I like to use 24 lb paper

I like to use 24 lb paper for printing my own pages. Recently here on another thread, someone mentioned using 28 lb paper.

I am a notebook junkie.


I will try that. Thanks for the prompt reply! I will look at other previous replies.

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