Giveaway: Win ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5

The second prize in our week-long series of giveaways is the Windows/Mac mind-mapping software ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5. Pay careful attention to the question, and remember, you only have one guess:

A recent mystery book by a best-selling Scottish novelist has his well-known detective using mind-mapping to solve crime. The place where a body is found in that book was actually based elsewhere on a spring in northern Scotland where people leave apparel draped over the trees for good fortune.

What is the name of the detective, and the real location of the northern spring?

The first person to leave a comment with the two answers correct will win. (Be sure to have read the rules, or you may forfeit your prize!)

We have a winner with puntcreative, after exactly ten minutes. The answers are Detective Inspector John Rebus, and the spring is known as the Clootie Well, in the Black Isle. The book is The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin. (Source:

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Rebus and the place is Clootie Well...

you are right

Wow...that was fast. you are correct. i'll let doug know and he'll contact you about the prize.



We have a winner!

Congratulations! First guess, and it's the right one! I'll be in touch soon about the prize.

all my best,

Detective Inspector John

Detective Inspector John Rebus

Craigie Well at Avoch on the Black Isle


Congratulations! :D

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