Giveaway Monday: Myndology DIY Essentials Kit

Welcome to Monday and all the goodies this day holds. Today's gift pack is from our sponsor, Myndology:

"Our focus at Myndology is creativity- not only in our product design but in the way our customers use our products. Great product design should be an inspiration to its users and we strive to offer beautiful and functional stationery. All of our products feature high quality materials and we have a genuine interest in having an environmental focus. Our latest line of notebooks features paper manufactured using 100% hydro-electric power with covers made from 100% recycled materials. We are also against using animal by-products in anything we sell."

Today's winner receives the following kit:
25 real aluminum discs (not coated plastic), 1 letter size notebook, 1 journal, 1 index, 1 note, 1 Bare Journal and 1 Bare Memo. Essentially all of the tools necessary to become a D*I*Y Planner!

But wait... that's not all...
in addition to this lovely kit, Jason's also throwing in the first Myndology punch! That's right, you will receive the glory of owning the newest item in Myndology's lineup, their new punch. Apparently, it's currently floating across the Atlantic Ocean and is scheduled to land at the end of this month.

All this, can be yours if you answer today's Trivia question correctly. Keep watching for the question to get posted and be the first one to answer it correctly to win today's Myndology kit, valued at approximately $150 USD.

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I am on the edge of my seat. Shoot, I have to run out of the office.... Oh man, I am going to cry when someone else wins this!!! :(

Good luck to all!


If I wear a disguise and type with an accent - you think Doug would notice? teehehhehehh

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ooooo punches!

I'm looking forward to getting the specs on the punch. I just checked their web site and sadly there isn't even a teaser about it yet.


Are the aluminum rings on that boat too? I didn't see them on the website.

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