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Just ordered my Junior Circa, and trying to wait patiently for it to arrive. Well, trying at least! An introduction: work PT rotating shifts, DH works FT rotating shifts. Parents to a soon to be 6 yo, and soon to be 4 yo twins. Busy life to say the least!

Long history here of organizational products... too many to mention! Tried a PDA, like it some, but not very good at charging, syncing, etc. I really am a paper-based life form.

However, I'm also a little bipolar. I am anal retentive about a nice, neat monthly calendar, and print copies out monthly for the family's activities and work schedules from iCal (so pretty! all the colors!). On the other hand, I love love love printing or writing a to do list with check boxes (nothing better than making an X!)

So, I'm perusing the templates and have a running (to do) list of what I'll try. I'd like to print my monthly calendar from iCal to place into Junior. How can I do this? Can I? (the anal retentive side doesn't allow me to print out a letter size and fold it over-- horrors!)

And to do lists or reference lists would be nice to start out printed, then I'm ok with adding on handwritten notes.

Any input or suggestions would be appreciated!

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I am not familiar with iCal, but with Outlook, I cut my paper to the size I want to use and then print directly onto that size paper. Will iCal do this? Is this what your question was?

nay nay

printing ical calendars

I've messed around trying to get a format I was happy with in iCal and never did find anything I was happy with. The best thing I found to do was go to Print and then go to the drop-down that says "Copies & Pages", change it to "Layout" and then select 2 pages per sheet and print that. You'll end up with 2 pages on one sheet. Chop it in half, and you have two Junior size sheets. Of course, you'll need the Circa punch to get these into your notebook.



I should've tried it before I posted. iCal has a "special" print dialog that doesn't have the standard options like what I was talking about. What looks like it will work: set up a custom paper size for Jr. size. Then you can select that size to print to in iCal.

It seemed to me that I had to go into another program - something with the usual "Print" dialog and then set up a custom paper size. Then you can go into iCal and select to print to that size. I had to turn off the "mini months" option or else I got an error that the paper size was too small.


that special dialog

is only the first step. When you click on "Continue" you get taken to the standard print dialog, where you can choose the 2-up layout.

As far as printing a full-sized calendar in the 2-up mode, before you do that, make sure you choose the Large text size. Otherwise you might not be able to read what you print. (and yes, I made that mistake once.) ;-)


thanks and more questions

thanks for all of the suggestions!
What size should I make the paper? 5.5x8.5? or is the paper size slightly off


According to this review, the junior size used to be slightly off, but should now be 5.5"x8.5" exactly.


I use all my hand made templates at exactly 8.5" by 5.5" and they work very well in the levenger/rollabind books :) (some people choose to trim a tad bit off to match the old levenger junior size paper... i do believe they are redoing things to be the former mentioned size i use).

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