Has anyone used this software? go to the website at jettask dot com for more info. just curious to see if anyone has downloaded the program - wouldn't mind a review if someone has used it!

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using purchased software

I have used Franklin Covey's Project Management Software as well as their other time management software. Quite frankly it is excellent, but it is difficult to make one product which works well for many people. While they advise you to customize it for your use, it really is not flexible enough for many of the "odd-ball's" out there who have really strange schedules or exceptionally diverse activities. I have reviewed other time managment software and most often, it is created to encourage repeat sales.

Finally they suffer the same shortfall of the majority of TM tools out there - they focus on "what you are doing" rather than helping you with "what to do" and "when to do it."

Hope that helps

Ralf Czerny
Author, Trainer, Consultant
Murray, Utah


Jet Task is a great deal like Outlook but allows some sub-tasking, etc. I am not sure it is any better than outlook IMHO (IIEHO)\

Ralf Czerny
Author, Trainer, Consultant
Murray, Utah

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Thanks for your thoughts on these programs. Now that you said it, I do see how similar this program would be to Outlook - duh nay nay!! :)

Thanks again,
nay nay