Torn between HipsterPDA and Circa Junior

I thought I was settled with my Circa Junior (I am a refugee from my Dell Axim) but when I saw the templates and looked at my Levenger PDA and it was so much easier to carry around, I am wondering.How do you track appointments on something that is analog that small? I can get the Next Tasks, Projects, Lists, Notes, etc. but appointments have me stymied. Ideas?

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i can't do it

I understand your concern, and it's why I've stuck with my smartphone for calendar/contacts and paper for tasks/projects/lists. Frankly, I don't know how anyone that had a lot of appointments (business, personal and other) could do it on a PDA. It can be done on paper, but I couldn't do it that small. I need to be able to see a better snapshot of a week/month.

I know some will argue that it can be done, but not by me.

I print the single-page month view

I print the single-page month view on the blank side of a lined index card (I actually do several at a time, for planning ahead). Then, for each day that I have something going on, I put a small symbol in the block for that day (for example, every other Friday I work at the Concord office, so those days get a "C", appointments get an "A"). Then on the lined side, I write the date and time, plus any other key info about that event. Occasionally I need to insert another lined card behind a given month, because I have too much going on to fit on one side of a card.

Note that I don't usually put work-related meetings and such on here, because I have those in Outlook at the office, which is the only place I need to look at those.

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Something similar

I use a similar method. I have a classic size Franklin Covey leather binder I've purged the guts from and converted to Circa which I use as mu primary brain. I carry a Levenger pocket briefcase as collection tool, but it also contains a few notes and a few months worth of calendars.

Like Ladycat, I print off a few months worth of single-page month view 3x5s, on different colors each month. I put color-coded dots on days with appointments, b-days, holidays, etc., then put the actual info on the back of the card.

I never finish anyth

Think I'll stick

Thanks for all the great ideas and workarounds. I think I will stick with the Junior that I have set-up. After thinking of going smaller, I realized I just can't write that tiny!

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Assuming you use the (h)PDA

Assuming you use the (h)PDA as a satellite, and still use the junior circa as a desk planner, then you could just write down any upcoming appointments for the next day or week on an index card as a reminder. If there are few enough of them, you won't have to write that small, and you will only need your junior planner when making appointments further in the future than what you have on your index card.

You could also use the PDA as a collection device for new appointments, although you may not be able to confirm appointments if they require you to check your junior planner.

how about a combo

You could keep your junior as "home base" like I do... and use your hPDA as a portable capture device/important info holder.

You could keep printed list of important or often used contact info... etc. Also, you could have a monthly calendar with a coding system like mentioned above. I often do this for myself - especially when I have a lot of appointments coming up like recently. I keep the next 6 months on 3x5 cards in my hPDA with dates highlighted and notes written at the bottom (nay nay's templates are wonderful for this!)

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That's what I do too; my

That's what I do too; my master calendar is on my letter-size notebook, and once a week (or so) I update my hPDA calendar from it.

I use tick marks on the hPDA calendar to indicate scheduled events (upper left corner for morning events, lower right for afternoon, box around the date for all-day) and if I need more info about a specific event I'll jot a note on the bottom of the calendar card or on the back.

YMMV, but I find that I carry enough around in my head that a tick mark is enough to jog the memory.

It comes in handy when scheduling an appointment in the field, when all I really need to know is whether that block of time is open or not. Then when I get back I update the master calendar from the hPDA.


That sounds like a really

That sounds like a really good plan. I was trying to work out how on earth you could manage to mark scheduled times for the purposes of seeing if your calendar is free on a single monthly card. The only thing I could come up with was writing the times you are scheduled from really really small. E.g. 9-10a 10-12p etc.. where you could just about fit a couple of appointments in one day. The tick mark sounds like a happy medium.

Thankfully in my case I have very little if any specific appointments, but I have a habit of thinking of complicated scenarios 'just in case' :(


There definately isnt anything wrong with planning ahead :) and being overly prepared is better than the alternative :)

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