Giveaway: Win the Rhodia Notebooks from Notebookism

Those wishing to try Kenji Ohta GTD + R will love this prize from Notebookism. And today's question is:

First brought out as a side line by the Verilhac brothers, Henri and Robert; who opened Papeteries Verilhac freres in 1932. The company was almost lost to flooding in 1968. Fortunately for fans of the now famous orange pads the company lives on under the auspicious gaze of François Nusse, but in what year did Nusse's company aquire it?

The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer wins. (Be sure to have read the rules, or you may forfeit your prize!)

And after a record 30 minutes of waiting, we have a winner. Congratulations to nalf who's won the Rhodia Notebooks! The correct answer was:

Exacompta Clairefontaine acquired Rhodia in 1997, later re-branding it as Rhodia-Clairefontaine.

Stay tuned for more chances to win more prizes tomorrow!

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"In 1928, Charles Nusse, great grandson of Clairefontaine’s founder, Jean-Baptiste Bichelberger, set up a workshop in Paris for mass producing accounting ledgers, recognisable by the quality paper used and their flawless design. Charles Nusse and Exacompta established in this way the group’s policy to have trademarks of good quality.
Nusse took over Clairefontaine in 1950 and immediately launched a line of exercise books for schoolchildren. These stood out from the second-rate products of the time on account of the quality paper and snazzy coloured, hard-wearing covers"

Good guess but not the one

Good guess but not the one we're looking for.

Thanks for trying!

i spoke too soon - and found

i spoke too soon - and found the answer after i posted - dang!

*hugs* i know that feeling.

*hugs* i know that feeling. it's the adreline and the rush of trying to do it all right and fast.


Is it...


Nope, not the answer we're

Nope, not the answer we're looking for! Good guess tho.


1997? Nusse's company is


Nusse's company is Clairefontaine, and according to their website, Clairefontaine bought Rhodia in 1997 and became Clairefontaine-Rhodia ...


And we have a winner. You

And we have a winner. You are absolutely correct. Doug will contact you about the Rhodia notebooks.

Thanks everyone,

great ! :) Thanks! (and now

great ! :)


(and now I have to get to work before I'm late....)

template contest?

Any template contests coming up? I'm bummed to not have the energy or time for frantic "and they're off!" races on the web every time on of these is announced, but I'd be able to sit down over several days and come up with some templates that people could probably use.

More contests

Yes, we have several contests being planned for template creation, DIY projects, and other creative endeavours. Stay tuned!

all my best,