Quad/grid 3x5 index cards

Hi all, I've been lurking for a while but finally have a pressing question: finally ran out of the Levenger white grid cards I've been using for a long time but they only sell them as part of the sampler set. The quad ruled Office Depot and Oxford brand index cards I picked up today have thicker, darker lines than I like. Does anyone have suggestions for a brand with finer lines? I'm near San Francisco, so I can get to Kinokuniya and Daiso stores fairly easily.

Also, has anyone run across 3x5 quad ruled notepads in a vertical orientation or spiral-bound quad ruled index cards?


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No, but if you find them

please let me know! I'd love to find a more affordable alternative to Levenger's cards. Don't get me wrong - I love their stuff! - but I go through a lot of cards. Buying their grids would be really expensive.

I do sometimes print grids on my own index cards. I change the color and weight of the lines, and arrange them however I like. It's a fairly easy to do if you have a printer that handles 3x5s and Open Office Draw.

hmmm... I saw a blog post

hmmm... I saw a blog post about someone printing their own Levenger-like grid cards. I'll have to investigate what my work printer will do.

As for my other question, I think I answered it myself after flipping open my Filofax and seeing the Rhodia 3x7.5 sheets I use as a bookmark/to-do list. Rhodia also makes a staple pad that is almost 3x5. *smacks forehead*

But they do

I did buy a 500-pack of grid index cards at Levenger last April. It was there in their online catalogue last time I looked, not long ago. I think you should check again.

Of course they do

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Excellent, thank you! Wish

Excellent, thank you! Wish they were less expensive...

Amen to that. I'm not

Amen to that. I'm not asking for 100 cards for $0.49 a la Walmart, but $26+S&H for 500 cards is hard to swallow. Levenger cards are a thing of beauty, but that's a 10x price difference.

Solution: letter size card stock and guillotine? or

a mid priced brand of blank card stock or source to Exacompta index cards, which are grided stock available in white, pink, green, blue and are excellent to use with fountain pens and pencils.

For a portable card stock sized good paper, I second Rhodia pads.

Check Exaclair catalogue at Exaclair dot com to find great paper
in many configuration.

I have used those products for many years.

Crane was even more expensive...

albeit for personalized cards. I knew Crane had jotter cards. They have gridded cards available in different ink colors, but they're personalized and the cost for 500 cards is $60. So much for that alternative.

I've used the Oxford gridded index cards and I agree that the lines are too dark and thick for ideal use, and the stock is a bit marginal for fountain pens. But, they're cheap. :-)

Mead uses better stock, but I've never seen gridded cards from them.

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Dollar stores

I've said this in a previous post, but one has to love Dollar stores. I have found both portrait lined 3x5 and grid 3x5. This said my favorite grid 3x5 are by Exacompta and I buy those at Papeterie Nota Bene in Montréal, and they have a website at www.nota-bene.ca