Giveaway Thursday: The Kikkerland Kit

Kikkerland KitWe have a motherlode for you folks today from the great folks at Kikkerland. It turns out they weren't content to just give away a few Moleskines -- they're the distributors for a lot of other cool and trendy products as well, and they're beefing up their prize package accordingly.

Included in today's kit are:

  • a slick all-metal stationary set in a case that includes scissors, staple remover, tape measure, knife, stapler, pen and magnifying glass
  • a mobile phone holder for organising your phone or iPod charging ritual
  • a very cool perpetual calendar designed by Pieter Woudt that goes for about 50 years
  • a set of CD flip holders in black, red, and blue
  • for something completely different, a Jolly Roger door mat in black or red
  • and, of course, a few Moleskines: three regular notebooks in your choice of size and configuration

Approximate retail value is about $160 USD.

Stay tuned for your opportunity to win this prize within the next few hours. (And, as usual, make sure you've read and understand the contest rules.)

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I just found a close up of the calender and more of the designer's work here: (-:

Good luck everyone!


oops messed that link up,

oops messed that link up, but then again, maybe not. (-: I would edit, if the function wasn't turned off this week for the competition. So here we go again:

all the best, jp

How's that for timing?

I honestly didn't mean to post this at the exact same moment as the competition question, and hope it didn't distract anyone, but congratulations to the winner!


space and time

I'm getting a little carried away with posts here, but am excited about the Pieter Woudt convex mirror/clock on this website. I hope kikkerland get their website up and running again soon. This is exactly the kind of thing to help expand space and light in the dark winters, and I had been keeping an eye out for a convex mirror for a painting.

all the best, jp