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The famous pirate who plundered Brazil and the Carribean (among other places) once sailed into the large harbour of Trepassey, Newfoundland, black flags flying, instantly taking control of nearly two dozen ships. However, he had already raided another Newfoundland harbour during his voyage, capturing about a dozen vessels. That particular colony, about 80 years earlier, had been awarded to a former buccaneer, along with an appointment as the Governor of Newfoundland, in appreciation of his services to the English crown.

Who was the pirate, who was the buccaneer turned governor, and what was the name of the town or colony?

After 10 minutes, we have a winner with jthoop . The correct answers were Bartholomew Roberts (aka "Black Bart"), David Kirke, and the Colony of Avalon at Ferryland. Sources:

Stay tuned for the grand finale tomorrow, when you'll have four (yes, four!) opportunities to win fantastic prizes from Levenger and DavidCo.

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David Kirke was the

David Kirke was the governer, Charles Bellamy was the other pirate, and the town was Avalon?

So close...

But not quite right...


ah... I see now... always

ah... I see now... always the next website :(


Too bad there's only one guess. But lots of chances to win tomorrow. Anyone else?



Bartholomew Black Bart Roberts was the pirate

David Kirke was the governor

The colony was Avalon

We have a winner!

I'll be in touch shortly.



1.bartholomew roberts
2.david kirke

Off by mere seconds!

Almost... just needed to type a little faster!

Don't worry. Four more chances to win tomorrow!


buccaneer: David

buccaneer: David Kirke
pirate: Bartholomew Roberts
colony: avalon


David Kirke was Governor, Charles Bellamy was the pirate, and the town was Ferrytown?

And don't forget Talk Like a

And don't forget Talk Like a Pirate Day next Wednesday!

Arrrrrrrrr !

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i hope i dont miss it his year! arggghhhhhhrrrrrrr

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