Tutorial: Make Your Own Journal Covers

I use Rollabind for all my journals, but about half a year ago, I started to make my own covers. Then I started to pimp my journals with collaged and marbled paper covers.

Well, that meant I had to make a protective cover so I could throw the journal into my bag without worrying about the cover.

You can see the pictures and read the general directions of my pimped journals and the Tyvek (TM) cover on my blog.

Enjoy! Pimp your journal, too!

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thanks for a great post.


what beautiful journals! and the protective case you made is just a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Happy Day, nay nay

Tyvek rules

I discovered how easy it is to use a Tyvek envelope almost by accident. You can do so much more with it--sew it, paint it, embroider it. I kept the instructions simple because I know that everyone here will do their own alterations!

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