try out Levenger Circa for $2.95 + shipping

I saw something pretty cool on Levenger's site today. While checking the prices on the Circa agendas (calendars) I saw that the Junior and Compact size 2007 calendars were available for extremely cheap. $4.95 was the list price. When I added it to my cart, it was $2.95! I'm pretty sure you can't get the rings and covers for that cheap.

So anyone wanting to try out a Circa notebook, here's one way to do it. Looks like the letter size 2007's are long gone. I also bought some more 1/2" and 3/4" discs (in green this time) which showed up as $6.95 instead of $10. I don't know if the green ones were on sale or if I had some kind of coupon applies without me knowing it. I just checked and the black discs showed up as $10. Weird how some things are actually cheaper than the list price.


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nice find. say, i was

nice find.

say, i was looking at the pda circa leather. i saw that the grapemist is on sale for 29.99. but its not in the drop down menu? :( :'( so how do i get it in my shopping cart. i have one leather pda and think its the prefect size. i am also worried that the platform on the regular pda circa. so i thought the leather was a must but if the surface is strong i could do that

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Super find

Junior size covers are two pair for $8 ($4 each)

For a buck LESS you get discs and some (not all) usable pages. But then we ARE the DIY-ers !!

I ordered 5 (total bill just under $20 with shipping)
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Where are you guys finding these? I looked all over Levenger site, I'm guessing they are all gone, but if they are still there can you post a link?


What pages are in the agenda?

Having never ordered one of these, can anyone tell me what pages are in the Agenda? How many of them are dated and going to be mostly useless? I know you guys are talking about it for covers and rings, but it'll be easier to convince the wife if there was some other benefit, too.

Circa agendas and deals

To find the Circa agendas on Levenger's site, go to the Circa section and then click on "Agendas & Calendars." The first 3 products should be the Letter, Junior, and Compact size agendas. To see if this deal is still available, click on the size you're interested in and then click on the "Select Style" option. The "styles" if this deal is still available are 2007 and 2008. I noticed on the Junior size the price is still listed as $4.95 but it was $2.95 when I added it to my shopping cart. Many of their best deals seem to be set up this way - an item will be on a great sale but only for specific colors. There's no easy way to find these. That's what happened with the green rings. I added one set to my cart, saw they were cheaper and added another one.

Most of the pages are dated... I wish they listed on their site what else it came with. I'm at work right now, but I'll try to list off a few of the pages that should still be useful. You've got a contact info/important info page, yearly calendars for 2006 - 2008, 3 month per page future planning pages for 2008, pages for holidays 2006 - 2008, pages to write birthdays on, timezones. I'll post the complete list when I get home (if no one beats me to it).

I'll say this: it is definitely worth the price to try out Circa and you get a great calendar you can use for a little over 3 months :-)



Of course I found it right after I posted...

What is the Levenger Junior Pad refill for?

In following your instructions,I ran across a junior pad on the Levenger site that has grid ont he top and an open space on the bottom. It is not Circa and it is says it folds all the way back for notetaking. Well, doesn't every pad of paper do that? Does it have a cover or just pads. Refill would indicate that it has a cover of sorts. Thoughts? Info?

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And it says "Counter Pad"

To add more info to my requ7est above, I noticed that it said "counter pad" in the listing in the search rssults. What IS that?

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Junior Notepads

First off, I'm not sure what the counter pads are for exactly.

As far as the pad refills, those are generally made to go along with the Folios - those nice leather covers you can slip your notebooks into. Most (all?) of the Levenger Folios include pockets for loose papers, a pen loop, and spaces for index cards.


Counter pad refills


The counter pads are refills for a small folio we carried a few years back. The folio was a variation of the flip folio. [vertical fold]

We no longer have the leather holders, but we do have plenty of the refills. ;)


Too bad for this lefty!

Thanks, Ryan. The flip folio would be cool for us lefties. I have the Ambi Folio and it is lots of fun! Thanks for taking care of the mystery.

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agenda contents

As promised, here is what is in the 2007 agenda (just received mine - the $2 extra for better shipping is well worth the price)

-Levenger Circa covers and 3/4" black rings
-Personal information page (contact info, vehicle info, medical info, emergency contact info)
-Important notes (back of personal info page)
-2006 - 2008 one page per year calendars
-December 2006 - December 2007 two page per month pages
-December 25 2006 - Jan 6 2008 2 pages per week pages
-3 pages per month Jan 2008 - Dec 2008 pages (each month is 11 lines to write stuff in)
-Important dates aka holidays 2007 - 2009
-International holidays for 2007 (roughly 3 or 4 dozen countries). This page includes the country's biggest city and how far their timezone is from the time in New York City.
-Population of major US cities and states from 2000 census
-average weather per month in major US and international cities
-mortgage and loan interest rates
-birthdays and anniversaries (including birthstones and flowers)
-international dialing codes
-important phone numbers for automobile rentals, hotels/motels, airlines, traveler's checks, credit cards and a few lines for others
-area code and timezone chart
-mileage between major US cities
-2 pages of address book pages
-2 pages of Levenger paper - the Cornell style note pages.

While the calendar is the main feature as far as the number of pages, it definitely isn't the only thing in there.


hacks for blank 2007 calendar pages?

After all this, anyone have any ideas for a good use for blank calendar pages for months past? Ygor may be more interested than me, since he bought 4 of these things.


How about using them for an

How about using them for an altered-book style project?

I bought 'em for the covers

$1 less that just buying the covers alone
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I know

I realize you just bought them for the covers. I just feel bad about just tossing this much paper just because I don't need it.


how about

recycling... or giving your kids (if you have children) the pages for a play-version of an agenda... when I was growing up I adored playing with forms and papers from grown-up things - especially those deposit slips from the bank :)

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Good idea, Sara,

Mine young'uns, especially the girl, would enjoy the pages.

I am a notebook junkie.

more recycling ideas

I wrote an article about recycling planners and papers Kenny. Maybe if you read this it'll give you more ideas.


wrapping paper

insomnia cure

'07 Agenda

I bought 2 Junior and 2 Compact--mostly for the covers, of course.
It would take a loooonng time, but using White-out and changing the dates is one possibility.

I am a notebook junkie.

Stickers work too :)

Stickers work too :)

Easier to just....

...wait seven years, until the next "perpetual calendar" year--then you only have to change the year. ;-)


nearly perpetual calendar

Great idea! If Levenger has this deal every year, I could buy 10 each year for 7 years and probably never have to buy another calendar again! ;-)


Tharer's an idea

Not a bad idea. Perppetual Calendarss.

I am a notebook junkie.

one caveat

It takes 14 years to make a complete perpetual calendar because of leap year. Also, every hundred-something years, there's yet one more day added in--giving Feb 30 days--I don't remember when the next one is, so if you buy 10 calendars a year, for 14 years, you've got 140 calendars! I don't know if I'll live that long--maybe if I'm so organized, I won't be stressed out??? ;-)


My agendas arrived!

I bought the same ones - 2 jr and 2 compact. They arrived today, and already I've pirated the parts I need to modify the notebook in my junior zip folio: swapped the rings (agenda's were slightly larger); inserted all the usable planner and info pages; leftover parts created another notebook, which I'm thinking of collaging/altering in some way. I think I'm going to create some custom circa notebooks as gifts for friends with the other three...or I'll make them for others and end up keeping them myself... :-)

Not quite as good a bargainm

The Lettersize Bookography is onn salefor $7.95..

I am a notebook junkie.


I got a 20% off Levenger coupon via email, good until Monday. For $22.05 I got 4 2007 junior agendas and 2 2007 compact agendas. With the $2 extra shipping.

I won't be needing covers for a while...

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Is this price in the stores too?

Does anyone who lives near a store know if this price is good in the stores too? If so, I'll call a store to put together some and have a friend pick them up for me.

another idea

most people who try it - fall in love with it...

altered book art... or journaling.

why not pick up a junior and create some one of a kind collages... you could paste in a variety of found objects, quotes, pictures, or even articles you want to save :D

I'm ordering mine today after much debate... might as well at that price... even with being unemployed I can swing it - I think O_o

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Too much cool info at once....

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and of course I got lost....

They're still there.....hooray.
I am unemployed at the end of Dec so I better spend now....ha

I've already put both Junior

I've already put both Junior cover sets to use. Now I'm thinking about ordering more.
Stop the madness! PleasE!!!!!!! nah, don't stop . . .

I am a notebook junkie.

I am now stocked up for at least

a month or so lol. Levenger sent me a 20% off coupon via email so I decided to order. I bought 10 junior and 5 compact. At the sale price they were just too good to pass up. When they came in my dsis (who lives in my basement apartment) came up to see what was in the box and instantly fell in love with the Circa concept and asked if she could have some of them for Christmas. I was so pleased with my bounty that it inspired me to declutter and reorganize a bookcase so I could have a shelf devoted to holding my newly organized diy tools/kits and Circa products. It looks so spiffy, it makes me feel good just to look at it. Ah, the rush from a stash of office products.

still available?

These are still available? That's surprising. I'd be tempted to order more but first I need to get some more ink for my printer and then some paper besides this cheapest-I-could-find 20 pound paper I've got right now.



yes i am filling up my shopping cart right now. but i want to know what else i can put in. i wanted that leather pen cup what was for $20 on sale. but i looks like it is gone.
Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

How 'bout

The Compact leather foldover notebook (in Sand) is going for $19.95...though I'm guessing you probably own one of those already, Jigglypuff. :)

There's also the desktop Turnabout for $19.95 - looks neat, but I'm guessing its practicality depends on location location location.

you know i actually dont

you know i actually dont like the compact size. my handwriting is rather large so there actually is very little real estate. i am going back and forth back and forth on whether to pick up a clutter comptroller.

i think i will though. but it sucks that the "Morgan Card and Pen Holder" is gone. i wonder if i can call and see if they have one lying around the warehouse.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Morgan Card and Pen Holder

You mean this ?

Personally, I have been drooling on this

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mmm, nice!

Submitted by ygor on Sat, 2007-10-06 11:30.

You mean this ?

Personally, I have been drooling on this

That looks like it would hold a lot of drool, ygor.

Sigh. Just one more thing to tempt.

can you post a pic?

I'd really love to see your bookshelf :)


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