Giveaway Friday #1: DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit

DavidCo Prize Package

In the modern productivity world, there are two types of people: those who have read David Allen's seminal book Getting Things Done; and those people who haven't, but pretend they have. On a personal note, David Allen's GTD was the original inspiration behind the D*I*Y Planner system, thus this website, and so we are very pleased --no, verging on ecstatic in its most religious sense-- to announce a prize package from his company DavidCo.

This package includes:

  • The choice of a David Allen book, so you can finally stop pretending you've read the book and get on with it already;
  • An elegant GTD Notetaker Wallet, crafted in fine leather and accompanied by a Rotring Expandable pen, 5 pen refills and 10 paper pads; and
  • Likely the closest you'll ever get to thinking like the man himself, a three-month subscription to GTD|Connect, an exclusive members-only program that includes David Allen GTD audio collections, videos, live teleconferences, print pieces, exclusive newsletters, interviews with leading thinkers, a series of tightly-focussed interactive materials to help achieve your highest level of productivity possible, and so much more.

The retail value of this package is approximately $275.

Well, that's a pretty impressive giveaway as is. But, here's the clincher: we have not only one, but THREE of these packages to give away today.

Stay tuned for the questions to win this fantastic package at random intervals during the day, and then we'll cap off this week with a special DIY/Circa package from Levenger early this evening (MDT).

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