Giveaway: Win the DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit (1 of 3)

For our first opportunity to win the DavidCo GTD Kit, we have a very easy question (because, you know, our brains might not have absorbed the prerequisite amount of coffee yet):

When discussing GTD, David Allen often mentions the term 'mind like water', but who was the first Buddhist priest to officially teach Buddhism in North America, specifically in California in the very early 1900's?

The first member to leave a comment with the correct answer wins. (Assuming of course, you're playing by the rules.)

And have a winner after just 2 minutes with eichorsmith. The correct answer is Soen Shaku, also known as Soyen Shaku and Kogaku So'en Shaku. Source: Wikipedia

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answer ...

Soyen Shaku

You are correct

...and very fast! Congratulations!

We'll be in touch.


Thank You!

I saw this prize this morning and just had to watch for it.

I just want to add...

... that this contest is very broadband-biased. :(

/me punches his 56k.

If you're referring to the

If you're referring to the speed of reloading the page, try turning off images and the page will reload faster, or you could use the rss feed instead to check for new stories which again will load less on each reload. There's not much I could suggest for actually getting the answer for the question aside from have google and wikipedia at the ready or perhaps read an encyclopaedia while you're waiting :)

. . .

My comment was totally meant as humor.

Losers have to come up with excuses... it's in the guidebook.

I've read it.

For real.

Doesn't help me

I have broadband but that doesn't help me to get my answers posted any quicker than if I were still using my 14.4k modem. Whenever I've had the oportunity to look at the web site the question has already been posted and answered before I even get a chance to do anything.

Still maybe there'll be a later question that I can answer quickly.

Told you it didn't help

See i told you that having a broadband connection help win these prizes. In the 2 and half hours since I posted the previous entry I missed another opportunity --- this time by being at the gym, which is probably a better prize for me to be working at the moment. ;-)

There has to be a better way?

Perhaps a drawing of those who give the right answer within a couple of hours might be better. Every day I check in here but I have a life, a job, kids, etc....These winners within like 2 milliseconds must literally be standing by their computer in an eternal refresh mode for hours doing other things waiting.

I'm on the road a lot visiting others and checking in when I can from a wi-fi shop. There's no way a devoted DIY'er like myself and probably many, many others....can win these prizes.

I'm not complaining...I'm just making an observation that perhaps the rules need to be amended to give those of us who don't sit at computer 24/7/365 a fightin' chance!



I think it's more that people happen to be there when it happens. I know I happened upon the quesiton once--missed by a couple minutes in the end. :-( But it's not the same one person, so it's hard to say that people are sitting around--although it seems like it when the questions are answered so fast! :-)

For the record, I'm not trying myself. The one I did play with didn't interest me at all, and I was going to give it away if I won it... ;-)