Giveaway: Win the DavidCo Ultimate GTD Kit (2 of 3)

Grab your copy of the GTD bible, because you'll need it for your chance to win the second of the DavidCo kits:

In his book Getting Things Done, which brainstorming software application does David Allen mention before saying he ultimately decided to return to pen and paper? Hint: it's just after discussing outliners. (Note that the Penguin 2003 paperback edition is our reference here.)

You know what to do....

Update: We have a winner: Norman after a full 10 minutes. Thought you'd have to use Google and Wikipedia again, eh? ;-) The correct answer was Inspiration.

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Symantec think tank, I

Symantec think tank, I think. I don't have the book in front of me.

is it...

mind manager?

I thought it was


Good guess...

...But not quite right. MindJet MindManager is a more recent staple to the GTD arsenal.


Had to..

take a shot. My book is on my home!!!

Memory always fails me when I need it most!
Good question though!

Thanks Doug! Keep up the great work!



"Inspiration" is the program

"Inspiration" is the program


And congratulations. I'll be in touch.





I didn’t have a clue (even though I read the book). I felt obligated to guess because the chance of me actually being at the computer when the question went up was very slim. I had to take the opportunity :-) Fun contest.

MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

these guys are fast...congrats Norman


I'm a GTD freak, read the

I'm a GTD freak, read the book twice, I knew exactly where to look.

This Prize Thing is Cool

These DIY guys have done a great job on these prize packages. Congrat's and enjoy.

I'll second that.

I'll second that. Congratulations, and if anyone who supplied the prizes or was involved in hosting the contest is reading, Thank you.

Should have gone with my

Should have gone with my gut! I thought it was Inspiration, but didn't have the book with me, so I tried searching. Dang!