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After being trained in karate by a psychic, David Allen met a mystic who was to have a profound influence on his thinking and career. Oddly enough, this person had once undergone a near-death experience before discovering a higher consciousness in himself, and then began to use a compound name in reverence to this (erm) "supplementary" being. He founded a religious movement which is still around today.

Who was this person, and what is the movement's name?

(As an aside, I'm starting to believe Allen's past merits its own book.)

Be the first to post a comment with the correct answer, and be the last to win this little shrine to GTD.

Update: And after a mere 4 minutes, we have a winner in dobler who guessed "John-Roger" (born Roger Delano Hinkins) and the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. Source: Business 2.0: How David Allen mastered getting things done and Wikipedia: MSIA. Of course, I'm thinking that Allen isn't too thrilled about this part of his past today, but hey, that was circa 1970 California after all, and his lifelong journey to becoming a productivity guru is far more interesting than I would have thought.

Stay tuned for the last giveaway in the next few hours. Levenger, boys and girls. 'Nuff said.

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psychic was

psychic was john-roger
movement was Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness


That was fast! I'll be in touch.



dang! everybody is faster than me, i even misspelled inner. congrats dobler. this is fun!
and some killer prizes to boot. these diy dudes are awesome!!!

John-Roger Movement of


Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

Thus began a spiritual quest that eventually led him in 1971 to John-Roger, an L.A.-based mystic who later formed a church called the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness that has courted controversy and attracted such high-profile adherents as Arianna Huffington.

- Jen

John-Roger: Movement of Spiritual Inter Awareness

John-Roger, founder of the Movement of Spiritual Inter Awareness