The Last Giveaway: the Levenger Ultimate DiyP/Circa Kit

The Levenger Company certainly needs no introduction to any of our regulars here. With a wide range of sumptuous products that cater to everyone from avid readers to journallers, creative types, office supply geeks and paper planner lovers, Levenger and its offerings are continually discussed within the pages of this site. It doesn't hurt that one of our most revered members is one Ryan Rasmussen, a Levenger employee who is always ready to brainstorm ideas, address concerns, and help out whenever he can.

We're thus very proud to present a prize package that Ryan has specially configured as the "Ultimate D*I*Y Planner / Circa Kit." This complete kit contains enough supplies to start a small army of capture devices and notebooks:

Levenger DiyP/Circa Kit

  • A high-quality and very sturdy Circa Desk Punch
  • 4 sets of 25 discs in 1/2", 3/4", 1", and 1 1/2" diameters
  • 2 sets of translucent covers in each of the following sizes: letter, junior, compact, hipster, micro
  • A set of five soft color tab dividers in every size: letter, junior, compact, and hipster
  • 2 sets of five soft color pocket dividers in both junior and 3x5
  • 2 sets of two zip pockets in both letter and compact
  • A nice selection of Circa-punched paper and card stock to get you started

The retail price of this DIYer's dream package is approximately $200.

Stay tuned within the next couple of hours for the final question of our second anniversary giveaway. It's going to be a tough one. (And, as usual, be sure to have read the contest rules before you guess.)

Tick tick tick....

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Thanks Ryan and Levenger...That's one smokin package!

Capt Levenger

strikes again ~!

<3 Ryan you are da man!

my artwork | my blog I hope

I hope i get a shot at this one! All week I have been at work while this has been going on and the only one I could have gotten to was the windows/mac program lol

How have I missed this for a

How have I missed this for a week? Where does the question get posted?

Question gets posted...

...on the front page. It's there now.


Got it

What fun! (Even if I didn't win . . .) When's the next contest?

Last contest

That's the last of these second anniversary giveaway contests, but we have a few things up our sleeve. We (and by that, I mean I) will be taking a bit of a rest first.... ;-)