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I've been lurking in the edges of the DIY cyberspace for a while and have been a user of the HPDA (3x5 Double pierced w/ plastic guards edition) for about two years, since I kept forgetting to plug in my ladies PDA and it kept erasing my info because of it.

Anyway I thought I would say hi and happy anniversary to the DIY blog :D

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I love not having to charge my favorite pen and planner ;)

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Very much agreed :D

Very much agreed :D

"Charge" your pen...

if it is a fountain pen ...


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Everyone knows "cordless" is best :P

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Maybe THAT is what drove me to analog

I travel a lot (when I can afford it!) and when assembling all the stuff i need to take, I just got tired of trying to get all the electronic parts together. My PDA had to have its charger, the iPod...etc. Leaving the PDA behind was one of the most liberating moves in my life! I no longer have to find an outlet in the hotel room, unpack and pack it up again,worry if it runs out of juice. I am free---er! Still have a lower profile mp3 that I travel with--easier to deal with than the brick of an iPod I have.

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Newtons... ;-)

That's where the Newton really came into its own--I typically got a week or two worth of battery life, and that was with checking my email daily, and using it for writing letters, sermons, taking notes, checking schedules, using it as a contact manager, as well as playing SoloDX every day. Sure, I had the charger (and a car charger) but those generally stayed packed most of the time--of course, paper is even _more_ power-friendly ;-), which was why I also always carried an A5/half-letter planner with me as well. ;-)