Giveaway: Win the Levenger Ultimate DiyP/Circa Kit

The last question we have for our giveaway is a tough one. To win the Levenger Ultimate DiyP/Circa Kit, be the first member to post a comment with the correct answer to the following question.

One individual, the only member of his occupation in the United States to be granted a patent, called writing one of the greatest inventions of the ages. This person also assigned three other occurrences this same high honor. Who was this individual that vocalized the long term value of communication technologies for the facilitation of innovation, and what was the title of that work?

Hint: one of the three other occurrences was the invention of patent laws.

If we don't have a winner after 20 minutes or so, we'll post another clue. Good luck, folks, and remember to follow the rules.

Update: After an agonising 21 minutes, we have a winner in bruisedpeach22, who came up with the correct answers of Abraham Lincoln and his lecture on 'Discoveries and Inventions'. Source: Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln at the UMDL. "In the world's history, certain inventions and discoveries occurred, of peculiar value, on account of their great efficiency in facilitating all other inventions and discoveries. Of these were the arts of writing and of printing, the discovery of America, and the introduction of patent-laws."

Whew. What a week. We'll clue things up on Monday with a few hints about some future contests that will involve creativity and design work. In the meantime, have a great weekend. I know I need a rest....

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Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson

Thomas Jefferson


Lincoln received Patent

Lincoln received Patent #6,469 for "A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals" on May 22, 1849.

Jusr wanted to clarify my

Jusr wanted to clarify my answer - Abraham Lincoln.

That sounds like a much more

That sounds like a much more appropriate answer than mine :)


Andrew Robinson
The Story of Writing

Two-part answer

Remember that there are two parts to this question. Both will have to be correct, and you only get one guess.


Abraham Lincoln -Second Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions

title-Second Lecture on Discoveries and Inventions
Save the dodo!


We have a winner! Congratulations on solving a tough one, and I'll be in touch shortly.

all my best,

Bravo bruised peach! I

Bravo bruised peach! I really wanted the renaissance art prize anyway...



Thank you!!!

I'm so shocked! Don't think I've ever won a thing, especially involving search engines!
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Congratulations :)

Congratulations :)

Congratulations, Dani

Congratulations, Dani, and thank you to all that participate every day in this community.


Congratulations from the Land of Lincoln...

home of Lincoln's home, the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, the Lincoln Law office etc...

kicking myself, but happy for you, bruised peach!

Julie in Springfield IL

Crud! I'll be happy to


I'll be happy to accept half the Circa prize on the basis of providing half the correct answer. ;P

Congrats to the winner! And thanks for the fun contest.

Thanks DIY leaders

This week was much more fun because of the contests. Plus it got more people registered and posting. An enjoyable time all around.

Now I'm off to redesign my planner. It's been the same for two whole weeks. Can't have that.

My Blog


You crack me up :D

my artwork | my blog

Thanks everyone!

This will be just the kick I need to get my GTD back on track.

Save the dodo!


Enjoy! Looks like Ryan did a great job of picking the prize: everything you need to make any size Circa notebook you want.


Yes, Ryan did a fantastic

Yes, Ryan did a fantastic job of putting it together. It's all going to come in very handy when I go back to college this month. Thanks to Doug and the whole crew for making this such a fun (and informative) contest! Can't wait to see what else you've got planned!
Save the dodo!

awesome contest

I just wanted to say thanks to Doug and the whole DIYPlanner crew for putting on this great contest. The questions were interesting and tricky (especially that last one). Learn something, have fun, and win prizes! Yay!

I can't wait to see what the next contests are, especially if they don't involve using the refresh button so much!



on the questions! It's been more fun to me to guess at the questions than anything. ;-) Especially since, as like this one, most have been all done and completed at night while I slept! ;-)

Oddly enough, as I was reading the question, two names jumped into my mind--Benjamin Franklin and Abe Lincoln--and I don't know why him! Jefferson would have been a better guess, simply shooting from the hip. ;-)

However, I dont' think I could have come up with the second part--that was some good sleuthing, and congrats to the winner!


I agree

It was very fun, even though I could only compete in one of the questions. I want to thank everyone for doing this, the people here and the companies, and congrats to all winners.

re: I agree

Very good, and literate, fun! Thanks so much.

kristina chew ~