So I realize I haven't officially introduced myself. My name's Tim, I'm in good ol' Portland, OR, and I'm in lower level management for a call center. With everything I have to do, staying organized really is necessary. Right now I get about 90% of everything I need to do accomplished on a regular basis, but I'm new at that. It's getting better. I really wasn't one for much in the way of actual planner's, as in college it was easier to use the syllabi and just remember what to look for. I've regularly used 3*5 top bound notebooks for little things like to do lists, random addresses when I need to go somewhere new, etc. I liked the idea of something like this that has sections, so I checked out the hPDA type stuff. Definitely works, but a little cumbersome with the binder clip and shuffling pages and whatnot. So I was flipping through my Levenger catalog and finally realized the point of Circa. My brother mentioned this site to me, though I don't think he's ever posted, and I found out how to make my own forms tailored to my particular needs at work. When I've finished making a few things, I'll post those under templates in case there's any other call center employees that it may help. So now I have a great little setup that's as convenient as topbound, organized how I want, can be rearranged, and looks good on top of everything else.

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Sounds like you'll fit in here just fine. *grin* Glad to meet you!

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Yup... juuust fine... ;-)

And welcome!


Welcome from La Grande, Oregon , Tim!

Welcome to our crazy little group and the geekiest and funnest sites ever! I go here when I need a friend and boy! have it needed one this week. Our university is failing and we are all panicking and on the job hunt trail! Couldn't be a better time to be organized for all those job applications! I soothed myself by splurging on a Sailor Sapporo FP. Calms the savage beast!

"To fly, we must have resistance."

he he he

Wish I could afford pens line that. I have Pilot Knight that I use everyday, so of course it's getting fairly beat up very quickly. Great pen, but I wish I could afford something high end. Maybe I'll go slight step up and pick up a True Writer or something. And believe me, it's not just you people on this sight that find this stuff interesting. I get random compliments that I have a nice looking notebook and anyone who's looked at the pages I've designed that has any sense of direction and planning thinks it's awesome. Go figure.