Anybody here use PlannerPad planners?

So I was doing my usual Sunday morning cruise around the 'net, and stumbled on a forum post about a product called "PlannerPads". So I checked out their website and was sort of intrigued by the layout of their planners. I'm a Circa gal, though, so if I ever ordered those pages, I'd hack 'em for Circa :-) Or, I'd try to make my own with the widget kit.
Just wondering if anyone has used them, and what they thought.
Anyone? Bueller? :-)

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plannerpad promo

The layout does look like a good idea. I've got flyers in the mail multiple times with some kind of deal - order the PlannerPad system and get a free pen or something. At this point, I'm liking my Circa system and have got to used to this kind of layout calendar on the left, actions on the right and extra notes in the middle. I'd also love to hear how these work out if anyone else tries them.


In my free time

I'd like to mess around with designing planner pages modeled after theirs. It has some nice features. I'll let you know how it turns out - and if it's decent, I'll share with the group.

I use a customized Planner Pad setup too ...

I used to get the PlannerPad brochures all the time, and when I finally ordered the real thing, I was disappointed because something seemed to be lacking. The concept of the weekly filter looked like a good one, but I wasn't impressed with the paper and style of the planner itself, so I returned it. Now that I'm using a Circa setup, I tried to recreate the PlannerPad idea in Word to make a quick 'n dirty version to play with. I wanted something where all my urgent tasks where right in front of me and where I can use the weekly goals/tasks/planning concepts. And my job requires me to do a lot of case management, so I need to keep track of tasks for lots of different projects, and I was getting worried about missing something - following that old saying, 'out of sight, out of mind'.

So I ended up using a two-page Letter sized spread: the right side has the weekly planner pad format for Mon-Fri, and the left has my 'Master Task List', organized by case. That way, I end up replacing the weekly page every week, but the Master Task list always stays the same until I either cross tasks off, close a case, or just can't stand how messy it looks and recreate it. I played around with replacing the right side (PlannerPad) with just a 'Weekly Review' section (goals, phone/email, and notes) and having that sit opposite my Master Task List, because a lot of times I don't have appointments and haven't gotten to the point of actual using that section to schedule activities yet, but something got lost in the translation. So it was back to the weekly planning version. Then, because my job requires us to use Outlook as our calendar, I just print off monthly calendars and pop 'em in front of my weekly planning section. So far it seems to be working better than anything else I've tried (and I've tried a LOT like most of us here I'm sure!), so I'm pretty happy with it. :-)


i checked out your photos of the format you use - i currently use a similar setup, though i printed mine with lines rather than a grid (which i'll use next time i run a set). i have a question, though - you said "calendar on the left, actions on the right and extra notes in the middle" - do you just use freeform for the right side for actions, or did i miss something?

time sensitive notes on the right

I guess I could have worded that better... For notes, if they are time sensitive and I only need them during the week they go on the right hand side, and then overflow onto the index card in the middle. They are mostly free form with a couple exceptions: things I need to get done I just put a checkbox next to them, and questions I've asked and I'm waiting on answers I put on the bottom of the right-hand page.

You didn't miss something, I just didn't show how I was using it in either of my photos I linked to.


I did the same layout in OOo... in french

I'm a french man ;-)
This layout sound find for me, so I made my DIY planner with some helpfull tips for my job.
Week sart on monday according our european habit.
Translate in english isn't a problem if you need the file...


Are you talking about the

Are you talking about the PlannerPads layout? Or supenguin's? The one I'm using right now is pretty much the same as his - but I'd be interested if yours is the two-page spread like PlannerPads'.

PlannerPads layout !

And yes it's a two-page spread (A5) like PlannerPads'

PlannerPads layout

I too would love to try this one out...

:) karianne

Just for informations and comments...

You can find weeks 1 to 8 of 2008 HERE
It's a french template. If my work find people interest, I can translate it.
If you like, dislike, or anything else, please leave-me a message.


"You are not authorized to view this page"

try again

all templates have to be approved :) it should be available now.

my artwork | my blog

Looks nice

If I hadn't already created my own, I might be interested. But I went a little crazy with NeoOffice and made a hybrid of a few different designs I'd seen. Keep up the nice work!


Hi Emmanuel I like your planer pad templates. Do you have a 2010 template available?

I used to use them (well, a home made version of them) --

Quite some years ago I used their basic flow designed -- duplicated the basic idea on an Excel sheet -- one page 8.5x11.5 landscape (tried it portrait but it made the columns too skinny for me). I used a simple portfolio in those days so the week format worked fine -- used the back for making notes for future tasks as they came up. Also used a small pocket calendar for "not this week" appointments.

The categories along the top were good -- but I found I kept rolling tasks forward. Ultimately returned to a simpler GTD list system. GTD works especially well for me because so many of my tasks sit in a "wait list" several times from inception through completion. Example, right now I have about 30 things on my to do list -- none of which I can take a next step because I am waiting.... I did not see a really good way to use the category for the amount of wait list items I have.

I did fine the categories helpful in defining what Covey defines as roles. At the time I was using the planner I was not only working full time but was president of a local service club, on the board of a non-profit and a bi-vocational pastor -- as well as being husband and father. A lot of roles to juggle. And each had tasks -- and time commitments.

Finally, from this system I learned the secret of blocking out time for task fulfillment -- THAT was a very helpful clue that I have continued to use. When I re-read Covey several years later I discovered he had said it, but I missed it with Covey, picked it up from the PlannerPad company.

I visited their website today, and I see they still over the desk version. I made an adaptation of that for our production planning department at that time. It was very helpful for them -- and since it was non-portable, it was always visible for the other team members to see what was needed to be worked on. Ultimately that morphed into a white board version.... The funneling concept was helpful.

The Passionate Pilgrim
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Planner Pads

I used it last year and stopped using it about 3 months into it. I loved the concept, but my biggest complaint was that the columns weren't big enough to write down the tasks without going on to the next line. So, I'd abbreviate and then not be able to figure out my shorthand!


Looked at them, designed my own

You can read about it here, but I designed my own planner pages based on the "F-pattern" of visual behavior, rather than the "V-pattern" of mental behavior. You may be able to put information into your Planner Pad very easily, but the goal is actually to be able to get information from your planner.

And for that, you need a different layout.

thanks for all the good ideas and advice

I appreciate all the info!
Stephen, I actually have your file, and like it...though I'm using letter-size now, so may have to enlarge or adapt it. I think I'm in the same boat that many of us seem to be in, trying to find or create the perfect system. I'm getting there :-)
What will probably happen is a hybrid of all these different formats/systems, with a lot of trial and error to get me there. Good thing I enjoy messing about with Ooo/Neo Office!

planner pads are great

i posted a similar reaction a few months ago when someone brought this up, but planner pads really are a great paper-based system. unfortunately, i just had to move to electronic, so i haven't used one for 2 years. but if you don't need to post your schedule to a shared file for others to view, and like paper, i think you'll love this sytem. i tried to keep it going even after going electronic, but it just didn't make any sense.

No. I have seen it but never ordered.

Could be interesting. Doesn't seem to have tried to K-O Daytimer and FranklinCovey.

The planner pad format looks

The planner pad format looks very interesting. I am tempted into coming up with a template based on it, although with a bit more flexibility for the procrastinator in me (I know...) - who should be working or sleeping instead of thinking on designing templates.