D*I*Y Year Two... The Second One...

Doug with his charcoal

When Doug ask me to write about my five favourite DIYPlanner.com guest posts I was flattered… well that was until I found out Dave Barry had already agreed to host ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ and the monkeys all had RSI from typing too much Shakespeare. After a lot of deliberation I finally decided they are all equally good and used the 'pull a name out of the hat methodology' :D

Five things you never knew about D*I*Y:

The first ever D*I*Y planner was hand drawn in charcoal and we were halfway through March before Doug decided to use a computer.

D*I*Y stand for Do It Yourself – the stars are silent.

If 42 monkeys typed on 42 MacPuters the complete works of Shakespeare would be finished a lot sooner.

Sard’s middle name is Taquin; after the French puzzle.

Originally the D*I*Y mascot was to be a bison, but at that time no European had ever set eyes on one; although there were plenty of Canadians who had.

Five Top Picks:

My first pick of the year that was, is SusanBeth’s A Box Full of Inspiration

"You can only learn to be a better writer by actually writing." claims Doris Lessing . True but what to write about that is the question. Susan, a writer herself, shares with us the secret of her wooden inspiration box....

My second choice tonight is by the Rev. Henry Sharam or Steve’s dad, as he is known round here. :D

In Dreams, Pen and Paper: Getting the Message Henry examines the strange world of the dreamer and how to keep a dream journal. By strange coincidence, synchronicity or because it is still a classic, we both recommend the same book – Progoff’s At a Journal Workshop….

The third Golden HobNob (fancy cookie if you live outside of Europe) goes to goes to Sara Schnelle for The Artist's Planner

An inspiring post that details how she uses her artist journal as a research tool, sketchbook and planner, with tips on making and using your own. …

The fourth entry is by John Norris, who regulars will remember for his wonderful ‘mad science’ creations such as TheFobster or Hipster for your key chain complete with alter, dedicated to the ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster. :D

Tonight's final random pick is Excellence through Simplicity by Passionate_Pilgrim. This is one of those post which makes a quietly impassioned statement about why the D*I*Y community is so strong. Oh yes it also contains a Douglas Adams quote. :D

Now passing the hat around, does anyone else have a favourite guest post that I missed? Please remember you are each limited to five guest posts each and no fighting at the back :D

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Not true!!!

Originally the D*I*Y mascot was to be a bison, but at that time no European had ever set eyes on one; although there were plenty of Canadians who had.

We've got them native here in Poland! They are called the "zubr" (pronounced zhub(with a touch of a rolled "r" at the end, barely audible). In fact, (sadly) they are the mascot of a Polish beer. There's a billboard ad series right now, in fact, that's featuring them. And yes, they look just like the American ones. --ok, so technically, they aren't bison, but you would never guess looking at one. I'll try to take a photo of a billboard today and post it on Flickr. ;-)



I thought European bison were extinct... Damn those expert opinions. Lol.


I very much enjoy your site, and I think it's valuable to us paper... pushers? No, productive paper people :-) Well done.

5 picks - the reviews

None of these are guest posts, but I like drooling over shiny new toys... so I'm going to link to my favourite posts of the year - the reviews:

Review: The Levenger Circa System, Part I
Review: The Levenger Circa System, Part II
Review: Renaissance Art's Moleskine and Index Card Cover - drools as he eagerly awaits the arrival of his cover
Review: Levenger Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase
What Works for Me - a really nice account of several things and how useful they are rather than a review of one thing

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and made this a site that myself and many others come back to time after time.