Circa, Which size?

I am planning to buy a circa foldover notebook from Levenger. Now I can get it with 20% discount. I look toward bomber junior size (I like bomber collection). Also I plan to order a Starter Kit in junior format.
I think it would be rational choice fro me. I am from Germany, so I could not order circa refills often. So I plan to print out templates on A4 paper (with letter size it would be difficult, since A4 is shorter then Letter size), cut out proper size and make holes with punch.
Do you have any experience with circa in different size?
Which circa’s size in more suitable for taking notes, time planning?


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A lot of it is just preference. I've found that the Compact size is too tall & skinny while letter size is too large to be easily portable. This leaves the Junior size as the ideal size. If you're really not sure, might I suggest getting the Circa Starter Kit (One of each size) and hole punch and then later ordering what you need to really make it work for you?


Hello Jann_Lee, I have the

Hello Jann_Lee,

I have the Leather Foldover in Compact size. I have the plastic covers in Letter, Junior and Compact. For me, it seems the Letter Size spends most of its time on the shelf. The other two are carried with me frequently.

It really will depend on where and what kind of notes you're taking and how you will be carrying your notebook.

Circa Stuff is Wonderful!!

I am a notebook junkie.

If you get the "classic" Junior size...

... you will be happy to know that it is about the same height as A5, and about 5-6mm narrower. I tend to print out onto A4, cut in half, and then trim off the extra 6mm, and then punch--and then everything's the same size. If you can get a decent, yet cheap paper cutter, you will be in good shape.


Hello guys, Thanks for your

Hello guys,

Thanks for your answers.
I attempted to model circa’s size by cutting out “compact”, “junior” and letter size papers from A3 sheet. Looks like Letter size notebook is similar to normal A4, which is pretty huge to carry always around. At the same time, letter size is a bit broader then A4; so here I would need to buy letter papers.
Junior looks quit “in balance”, i.e. not to small and portable.
One more question which paper do you use in circa system, normal 90 g/m2 or thicker?

For now...

...I'm using just normal 80 or 90 gram paper (whatever my wife happens to buy) but I keep wanting to try heaver stuff, just to see.